yoon kye sang wedding

i get that by the end of the series, she is feeling really unsatisfied with just going through the motions of school and wants to find her calling in life. Mar 31, 2020 - Explore Hanadi Spank's board "Yoon kye sang" on Pinterest. i do like, however, how she’s the one that’s pulling jong-seuk out of his wall of defenses~ and she’s getting him to actually care about studying~ a definite first. it seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve heard that “yoon joon shik” (is that what the code name is?? Jungyeon to sit out on TWICE's promotions for 2nd album due to anxiety issues, 5 Girl Groups Who Paved the Way For BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO drops teaser images of Solar and Hwa Sa for the upcoming pre-release track "Dingga", TWICE's Dahyun shines in the latest set of concept film and teaser images for 'Eyes Wide Open', DRIPPIN is ready to embark on an epic voyage with another set of concept photos for their debut mini-album 'Boyage', Chinese customs reportedly block BTS merchandise due to alleged pro-Hong Kong message, MONSTA X' Joohoney drops hectic 'Psyche' MV teaser, Brand King BTS Jimin tops the Boy Group Individual Brand Reputation for 22 Consecutive Months and trends in South Korea with 3 hashtags, Brothers NCT's Doyoung & Gong Myung are already having funny Instagram interactions, just one day after Doyoung opens his account, BLACKPINK's Jennie reveals which 'Knowing Brothers' castmate is her ideal type, BLACKPINK to perform once again on ABC's 'Good Morning America', BTS ARMY celebrate 800 days of the self-love anthem 'Epiphany' by BTS Jin.

ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ also in that same episode, our narrator makes another long appearance and i’m left wondering who the heck he’s going to end up marrying? his demeanor was just a little off at their celebratory dinner and had that very familiar kdrama feel of someone doing all these nice and somewhat unusual things before they are going to say goodbye… so when he broke up with her~ finally! can’t wait to watch the next episodes…. that butt-kicking episode was SO random~ haha. what i wasn’t expecting was my reaction after their break-up scene when he goes back into his room and breaks down in tears. one exception being when he dressed up in that pink pig suit when she was doing her little stakeout. despite the circumstances surrounding ji-seok’s first “confession”~ presumed snake bite and ha-sun subsequently falling unconscious on the mountainside~ i was so happy that he actually said it out loud! I'm not someone who is all that mature. Actor Yoon Kye Sang has run into problems with the law for illegally tuning his vehicle. one of the more minor characters i’ve always liked is jong-seok’s 4D friend seung-yoon~ he doesn’t appear in every episode but i like it when he does randomly show up, since i know something amusing’s bound to be said or done. in retrospect, this whole arrest plot line happened at a good time though, i think~ especially for nae-sang’s storyline, it was getting kind of stale just having him locked up in the house hiding out for 40+ episodes. Recently, the couple’s wedding rumours have surfaced in the media after their appearance at ‘Seoul …

aww what a nice guy ㅋㅋ. too bad “quietly” is the last thing she is as she stumbles up the stairs still drunk from earlier, falling several times before making it up to the top~ and throughout all this ruckus, the family is sitting below, “pretending” they don’t notice a thing~ LOL. Who do you think will get married next?” Kim Tae Woo answered, “Yoon Kye Sang , who is currently dating, has the highest chance of getting married next. especially the part where they’re eating and her bra padding pops out and catches on fire on their grill!!!

ㅎㅎ first in 라면 가게 then in 해품달, and now a cameo in episode 40! while i love kye-sang, i never really connected with ji-won and when the plot started focusing on her relationship with kye-sang, i basically found those parts really uninteresting and wanted to fast forward through them. i can’t believe i’m at the halfway point now! for some reason, even though i had never ever liked young-wook from the beginning, that scene kind of got to me (didn’t make me cry or anything but i felt bad for him)…. it’s after that failed exam that he realizes that he needs to step it up a notch and actually pushes his pride aside enough to ask ji-won to tutor him.

i didn’t really agree with that~ maybe that’s partially also because i personally hate it when people change or cancel plans at the last minute like that…, and how sad was that showing ji-seok standing at the stadium still waiting for her after the game ended? btw, is soo-jung going to be this bratty and unlikable for the rest of the 90+ episodes… i hope not… jong-seok, on the other hand, i’ve gotten to like more and more and i think his friendship with seung-yoon is cute~ there were also some nice bonding moments between jong-seok and ji-won, especially when they “ran away” together.

i still can’t believe how i wasn’t tired of hearing his “농담입니다” catchphrase by the end of the series even though it seemed like he said it at least once or twice in EVERY episode~ LOL. if he had just gotten the white chocolate part right then she probably would never have known what he did~ which is why it’s awesome that he missed that one detail. ㅋㅋㅋ, "loyalty, honor, and a willing heart...i can ask no more than that." obviously not ha-sun, so that leaves jin-hee, ji-won and soo-jung. many of the episodes also shifted the focus back to the core ahn family which i especially liked because they showed a different side of all four members~ even soo-jung (although i still dislike the character).

as usual, nae-sang at first appears to be all generous in offering to tutor julien in that go-stop game, but in reality, it’s all in the name of his own glory as he wants to be known as the coach that gets julien~ a foreigner~ to beat the best players at their own game.

They’re being careful after the wedding rumor came out. also the blender “commercial” that they made together was hilarious despite the atrocious baggy pants~ julien was nice to let them post that on his food blog but he probably shouldn’t have~ haha. and i loved finding out that the hand bump greeting thing he always does with soo-jung actually started with his wife. [The Rebel]역적 : 백성을 훔친 도적 ep.18 Yoon Kyun-sang admits a sweet tooth to Chae Soo-bin.20170328 - Duration: 1:58. it’d be nice if the rest of the family tried to understand him a bit more~ i think as of now, ji-won’s the only one that even remotely gets him. Miss Korea and actress Honey Lee and g.o.d‘s Yoon Kye Sang have been officially dating for two years now.Could the couple be announcing their wedding news soon? also the whole thing started over something kind of stupid so i’m glad they made up so quickly. allkpop® is a registered trademark of 6Theory Media, LLC. arghhh… my favorite moments, as usual, were all the scenes with ha-sun and ji-seok now that they’re officially together~ they are so cute! i think it’s safe to say that ha-sun and ji-seok are THE CUTEST couple ever. LOL. well i’m now 2/3 of the way through this series! ㅎㅎ so some really nice and unexpected moments in these last ten episodes~ which is really cool since the show is nearing the finale and yet, the writers are still giving us these little surprises with characters we’ve now spent quite a bit of time with. While another added, "YOON KYE SANG AND HONEY LEE BROKE UP!?! Additionally, the latest rumours reveals that the couple signed a leasing contract for a big apartment in Yongsan, Seoul. in the last several episodes, that seemed like that was the way it was going to go, but to have confirmation in the final episode was nice~^^ kind of an odd pairing but then again, from the interactions that they had, i could kind of see them being good for each other. every time ha-sun popped up from the tunnel, announcing that she remembered something it was totally hilarious how nervous and jittery ji-seok got~ i so wanted her to actually remember the confession and see his reaction! though that *was* pretty funny when ha-sun pushes him out the window in her haste to shut him up before he spilled the beans about her living with julien…, i don’t really understand why ha-sun is so afraid of letting other people know that she and ji-seok are dating, but the lengths she goes to in order to prevent people from finding out are pretty amusing~ although poor ji-seok gets put into the most awkward situations because of this need for secrecy. i hope gosiwon guy doesn’t make a reappearance later….

that was pretty funny when she went in to take the exam again, and kye-sang tells her she should be fine as long as she doesn’t cheat again~ all said with that smile on his face of course~ LOL.

and this then opens up a whole world of possible storylines for him which is good. even so, i think it’ll be a while before i embark on another sitcom… for now it’s time to continue catching up on all the regular dramas i’ve been stockpiling in my to-watch list~^^, (picture credits: mbc/www.dramabeans.com), watched up through episode 111 now… only 12 more to go! and LOL at the tutoring session in the cafe when ji-won gets that cream on her upper lip~ i was totally thinking of the scene from secret garden there!! He began his career in 1999 as part of the K-pop boy band g.o.d, then left the group in 2004 and pursued an acting career.

i’m wondering whether things are going to continue smoothly for them since there are still quite a few episodes left to go.


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