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The USS Kelvin (NCC-0514) was a Federation Einstein-class starship operated by Starfleet in the 23rd century. The Narada's second-in-command Ayel, on the orders of Nero, demanded that Captain Robau come aboard under the pretense of negotiating a cease fire.

In order to discover the crew's escape, Kirk intended to set the Kelvin's autopilot to have the ship ram the Narada and cripple or destroy the mining vessel. A list of personnel assigned to the Federation starship USS Kelvin during 2233. Ship was originally configured as an Avery -class survey ship USS Kelvin (NCC-0514) and listed as "Missing in Action" until recovered some years later., Richard Robau, Captain [played by Faran Tahir]. It was only once J.J. Abrams and his editors began combining live-action and previz footage that they realized they wanted the previz to be different from what had originally been planned. Keenser left the planet with the crew whom he had befriended.

This was one of the first incidents in the alternate reality, a parallel universe created by the Narada's arrival from the future having caused a split from the space-time continuum of the prime universe. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. The Kelvin’s phaser turrets can either fire bolts of high concentrated energy, or beams of less power to slice through the shield or hull of an attacking vessel. Robau actor Faran Tahir once made several speculations about the Kelvin, such as suggesting that – prior to its destruction in the alternate reality – it had a long history that included having been in previous battles. In an alternate 2233, the Kelvin detected a large black hole which had been created in 2387 by the detonation of a red matter device. (Star Trek; KEL: Star Trek; ST: "Star Trek, Issue 1").

Kirk then piloted the craft to its destruction, ramming the Narada, disabling it, and giving the crew of the Kelvin a chance to flee. (Star Trek), A dissertation by then-Starfleet cadet Christopher Pike on the events surrounding the Kelvin's destruction became a successful theatrical production at Starfleet Academy. These Starfleet officers served on the bridge of the USS Kelvin in 2233 when the Romulan Nero attacked the ship with his own, the Narada. Memory Delta Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

The Kelvin's defenses were soon overwhelmed by a barrage of torpedoes, but the attack was suddenly stopped and the Narada's first officer Ayel requested that Captain Robau come aboard to discuss terms. [8] The Star Trek: Federation - The First 150 Years reference book names this class as the Einstein -class. I decided not to light the ship so all of my efforts here were spent painting and detailing. A "maldição" The Kelvin was named after physicist and engineer Lord Kelvin as well as Harry Kelvin, the grandfather of Star Trek director and producer J.J. Abrams. A Kelvin crewmember remarked that the event resembled a lightning storm in space. Kirk therefore elected to stay on board, to both steer the ship and to operate its weapons in order to protect the fleeing shuttlecraft from the Narada's torpedoes. Almost immediately, it opened fire on the Kelvin, launching a salvo of torpedos that devastated the Kelvin. More Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki.

(This motto was from Eugene F. Ware, an author and politician of 19th century Kansas.) "We wanted to make the Kelvin a lot darker and less welcoming and positive than the Enterprise was going to be, so everything is muted in there." The USS Kelvin (NCC-0514) was a Federation starship, an Einstein -class scout in Starfleet service in the 23rd century, under the command of Captain Richard Robau in the early 2230s. Federation, Starfleet In 2233, the Kelvin encountered a black hole created in 2387 by the detonation of a red matter device, which subsequently spawned the alternate reality. [3]. (Star Trek: Accord: "Year One"; Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Soledad"). The USS Kelvin (NCC-0514) was a Federation Kelvin-type starship operated by Starfleet during the 23rd century. Plasma is passed to a phaser emitter resulting in a discharge of nadion particles. Starships named after UK Royal Navy ships, With no other options, Robau turned command over to Kirk and went aboard the Narada, where he was quickly killed by its captain, Nero. The USS Kelvin employs massive engines at sublight speeds. In an alternate 2233, the Kelvin detected a large black hole which had been created in 2387 by the detonation of a red matter device. The USS Kelvin (NCC-0514) was an Einstein-class Federation survey vessel in service with Starfleet in the 23rd century.

It was one of the last of the Avery class vessels still in existence and was in such good condition, it was uprated instead of retired.


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