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What you're hearing this hour is when things were less awful.
He's wearing a suit on a school day. She and a small team revamped the way the whole system talks to patients, and Rana wrote a book about her experience that's now used in medical schools. Not in a bad way-- like, you could tell he lost a lot of weight. He had been tapped to help organize this event and host one of the portions of the breakfast as well. And that Monday night, we had the big Joe Biden rally at Renaissance. And then Rana, she turned to that resident, Rim, to get her to say more about her feelings about this patient who died.

What they aren't willing to say is how much they value them, right? Michigan has passed its Covid-19 peak, and the state has started opening up. To cope with this pandemic, producer Sean Cole finds himself turning to a movie about a pandemic. The first is when he called me to tell me my mother passed.

And Dr. Tatem told her this story that gives a sense of the situation at Henry Ford and in Detroit. But then, this man starts dying much faster than normal, and his family is not there yet. He'd say, I've got this organization that is doing this work. Or was that a bridge too far?

But it’s still been intensely difficult for the staff in the ICU at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. And now, this was the second-worst phone call I've ever received in my life. That's what I told him. It's a lucky number in Hinduism. Now he's a state senator, representing part of the East Side. This American Life is produced in collaboration with WBEZ Chicago and delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange.
He has COVID, and he's taken to ICU Pod Four. Rana Awdish spends hours of each day walking the floors of the ICU checking in on her co-workers, which means that maybe more than any single person in the hospital she knows best what the staff has been going through at each stage of this pandemic. They feel like they're torturing people now. And I stayed with him while he died, before his family came. Probably the top second. I felt like I was just like in a random splash of happiness. They would just look through the window. And he asked if somebody died. The fact that it is now available as a free podcast is a great public service. Most of the time their false giggles make me want to puke.

Hey there, Miki. When I talked to Marlowe's wife, Valencia, she didn't want to discuss the final days of her husband's life and says their two children are still adjusting to life without their dad. This was what I saw in textbooks. We wouldn't believe any of this if we weren't here, right? It just didn't happen. There are a lot of requests for prayer. Very few people, like Francesca, have done both at the same time. And literally, we saw the Colosseum. She just asked me, like, you know, how was it? Was she giving updates to her brother about how their mom was doing? No, it's hard. You've got to speak through your eyes, because they can't see it. Was he the first person you knew that had passed from it, or--. We've embedded with them over the past few months, and tracked how this pandemic has changed them and their city. (4 minutes). Yeah. Families would put up photos and bring in quilts, personalize the rooms. And what we're going to bring you this hour are the moments that just really struck us and surprised us, of all sorts. Because the doctors are telling me the last thing they want to do is put them on the ventilators, because most people are not making it out.

And then, a few days later, I get a phone call. And then she told the doctors what might help her brother relax. And so it's--. It's like, well, where are you going to get the referee? And I say, well, I'm thinking things are not too good. His life has been saved. You're downloading podcasts for goodness' sake. Or can I just talk? She's killing it right now, in a major way. It's like-- all right, you know how you play a CD, and it just skips, and you're just in some random scene? There’s one thing that has been proven to cut the achievement gap between black and white students by half: integration.

But neither of them is conscious of this until Sarah, the nurse who was getting to know them both, pointed it out. Here he is the day after the Police and Pancakes Breakfast, discussing the event on his makeshift talk show, which he hosted every Saturday on Facebook Live.

So when she heard about the team of Henry Ford trainees who lost a patient, she made a point of stopping by to see them. Because yeah, I'm in gym shorts on my patio right now. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. One of the other people Marlowe ran into was my friend, Adam Hollier. He works for the city fixing buses. Remember, she'd only been off the ventilator for two days. And I said, girl, when I hung up, I was not strong at all. Here's Jocelyn. So I think that's the challenge. It was that it didn't matter. After he died, Albert Einstein became a figure of international kitsch: Appearing in computer and Pepsi ads, showing up a comic character in movies with Meg Ryan, and until very recently his brain was on the loose without his family's the unauthorized possession of the doctor who did the autopsy, a man named Thomas Harvey. Today's show, "The Reprieve," stories of coronavirus at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit-- not when they were busiest and things were the worst, but in the weeks since, as the number of cases steadily declined.

And our next story is about the nursing staff in Pod Four. But the sad irony that Marlowe's last act was at a Police and Pancakes breakfast on the Far East Side, trying to foster positive-- I'm sorry. And my son was like, oh, are you sad? She's the nurse that you heard earlier who saw two people die in a single day, the nurse who talked about becoming less of an optimist. Now, if she lose me, she's really going to be devastated. 709: The Reprieve. Hey, Ira. And I think that was the most important thing to him. It just really-- it just really sucks.

Regardless, this is an excellent, moving and already blazingly popular radio program, so if you don't listen to it already, you should at least give it a try. 709: The Reprieve.

We had one of our nurses talking with our physicians about, well, when is enough?

And I was kind of reminded of that, the minute I saw his face-- that any concerns we had about how successful that day would be just went away once you saw Marlowe and got that hug. And it just is so amazing. Then, the next day, three more. Dr. Geneva Tatem is one of the few Black doctors in the ICU and one of the senior doctors in the hospital. And so that was probably the saddest day that I've had. Sarah Davis is another nurse in Pod Four. But at that same moment, I bump into Cory Booker, and Kamala Harris, and a host of Congressional members, and I'm with the governor. Ben Calhoun spent weeks talking to the nurses in Pod Four. Sarah stands out the most. Because that's-- they don't understand it. You know, we're gowned, and masked, and face shields, and gloves, and that physical barrier between us and him. We meet the doctors. No, I completely understand that feeling. He was like, well, you can do these three things, right? Think how many times I've said that. Michigan has passed its Covid-19 peak, and the state has started opening up.

I'll talk to you soon. It wasn't barely any high schoolers there. (13 minutes), When it comes to caring for Covid-19 patients, it’s the nurses who are carrying the heaviest burden. Like, all shift long, you hear people banging on the glass windows. It was just, like, all grown people there. So--. When Francesca was well enough to be moved from the ICU to the general floor, she was told she would have to wear a mask and gloves, but she could hold her child for the first time. Aviva DeKornfeld talks with a high schooler about how he’s prepped for remote learning with a bunch of kids he doesn’t know. I'm not really sure if he knows that his sister, who is his caregiver, has passed away. Black Americans have been dying of COVID-19 at higher rates than anybody else. Dr. Tatem and her team got the man's sister on the phone, on video, so she could explain to her brother how sick he was and why the oxygen was necessary. Rana Awdish spends hours of each day walking the floors of the ICU checking in on her co-workers, which means that maybe more than any single person in the hospital she knows best what the staff has been going through at each stage of this pandemic. When he was well enough to come home from there, Jocelyn went to pick him up. He's hoping to make it around the block soon without a walker. You just call Marlowe. I mean, I've had friends' parents, I've had multiple church members, multiple community leaders die. Instead of saying-- when they're that sick, instead of saying, we've seen progress today, maybe we say, we've seen a change today. I just hate crying in front of people. And I was like, yeah, it was a sad day. And when corona cases started arriving in March, she made up this job for herself. Henry Ford is a big teaching hospital. And my son was watching his sister. So I need to make some adjustments--. Millions have gotten COVID.

But know this, and know it well: Ira Glass is an insidious and manipulative genius. To cope with this pandemic, producer Sean Cole finds himself turning to a movie about a pandemic.

The staff found this out by accident. Oh sure, This American Life almost always begins with some rollicking, humors piece directly related to its theme.

And I realized that I hadn't been taking care of myself. My patient survived. They talked about his wife, who died of cancer in January, and how hard his family had taken it. They're caught in the middle between patients who they worry are suffering, who are clearly dying, and their families, who are holding out hope. I'm like, that's all I need to know. And so I was there with the LG--. Harley had left Police and Pancakes and went back to school. And so she was on the ventilator for seven days and ended up getting extubated on that seventh day. In April, when we first started talking to the staff at Henry Ford, the intensive care unit was struggling with something they had never seen before-- all these patients who were just not getting better. Henry Ford usually gets a mix of Black and white patients from all over the Midwest. (4 minutes). When he got there in March, he was one of the first patients treated for COVID-19 in Pod Four in the ICU. That was it.

You might have to do this as many as two dozen or more times every single shift. Jay had tried to get Rim to take a day off to get a break. We meet the doctors. I was like, we're calling her. She told him he did a good job, as she stared through the window, hoping desperately that his family would appear. Finally, the The Quiet American script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Michael Caine and Brendan Fraser movie. So I asked the nurse, and I'm like, is my dad awake? What it did to his life is different. This was years ago. Help people, help people, help people.

Do you know that? This is Marlowe Stoudamire with another edition of Saturday Morning Coffee, at another location, as you will see and find out in a few minutes. Emanuele Berry put together this story about Robert Granger and his daughter Jocelyn. The people who put together our show today includes Bim Adewunmi, Susan Burton, Ben Calhoun, Dana Chivvis, Sean Cole, Aviva DeKornfeld, Hilary Elkins, Noor Gill, Damien Graef, Michelle Harris, Lina Misitzis, Stowe Nelson, and Katharine Mae Mondo, Lisa Pollock, Nadia Reiman, Brian Reed, Robyn Semien, Christopher Swetala, and Matt Tierney. What is the very first thing he says to you? This American Life is produced in collaboration with WBEZ Chicago and delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange. It took five minutes to put it on to go into a room, five to eight minutes to take it off when you come out. View all.


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