the last boy scout opening scene

The Last Boy Scout is a 1991 American buddy action comedy film directed by Tony Scott, starring Bruce Willis, Damon Wayans, Chelsea Field, Noble Willingham, Taylor Negron and Danielle Harris. There were a lot of people who had a lot of opinions about what to do. [8], When editor Stuart Baird was hired, the film finally took a positive turn. He is like a spring, coiled and ready… Turf and snow… The ball floats through the snowy air… Behind him, the quarterback bites the dust, leveled… On the back of his helmet, a mixture of blood and fiberglass… Shouts… Pandemonium… riot guns, cocked and locked… The forty-foot-high monument pitches over, collapsing like a wounded giant, lands in a shower of snow and ice. My brothers and I like to answer the phone when we call each other with, “It’s me Milo, motherfucker.”, This movie is where I learned what it was to "dance a jig". Reader Question: Where to start when developing a story. The receivers breeze past, in motion to. Three, four days where I maybe said a couple words. Strong verbs and vivid descriptors mark this shocking opening scene. Before long, they stumble onto a plot by a well-known football magnate (Noble Willingham) to bribe federal legislators into legalizing sports gambling.”. "[28] On Metacritic the film has a weighted average score of 52 out of 100, based on 22 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews". Black later recalled: I was busy mourning my life and, in many ways, the loss of my first real love. Joe saves Jimmy from a second car bomb, and manages to trick two hitmen into blowing themselves up. [15] It grossed $7.9 million in its opening weekend, and the total gross in the United States and Canada was $59.5 million. Gouging it. And yes please. All things come around. I agree, but this is 100% the type of movie the gang would get casted for. Up ahead, the free safety barrels toward him. I spent so much time alone working on that. If I remember it correctly. When the tape is ruined in Joe's faulty car stereo, Jimmy realizes that Cory tried using the tape against Marcone to put Jimmy back on the team, prompting Marcone to send the hitmen. This description completely leaves out the opening scene where a running back is under so much pressure to be successful that he snorts a bunch of coke takes a gun out onto the field and proceeds to run the ball while shooting opposing players. Joe and Jimmy decide to become partners, and Joe tells Jimmy his motto: "Be Prepared.". Meanwhile, private investigator Joe Hallenbeck, a disgraced former Secret Service agent, who at one time was a national hero for saving the president from an assassination attempt, discovers that his wife Sarah is having an affair with his best friend and business partner, Mike Matthews.

Also, it's fucking great. Heading to the stadium to rescue Darian, Joe and Jimmy are captured and escorted to Marcone's office. When he sold the screenplay, it set a record at $1.75M. Yes. Active verbs. The Last Boy Scout is a 1991 American buddy action comedy film directed by Tony Scott, starring Bruce Willis, Damon Wayans, Chelsea Field, Noble Willingham, Taylor Negron and Danielle Harris. Pressure on and popping some pills, Cole heads out to begin the second half, a crazed look in his eye…. This is a great movie. Mike is then killed by a car bomb outside Joe's house. [33], 1991 American buddy action comedy comedy film by Tony Scott, "A Talk With Taylor Negron - Retro Junk Article", "Who killed The Last Boy Scout? [24][25], The film developed a cult following with many praising the writing, the direction as well as the chemistry between Willis and Wayans. Joined by special guests, they make hilarious attempts to bring reason to ridiculousness, and perhaps find the answer to the question "how did this get made?

Everything happens in hyper-real SLOW MOTION: The snow falls. I feel like Jason would love it.

", Press J to jump to the feed. Bruce Willis, Shane Black and the making of an action masterpiece", "No Heroes Left: Revisiting THE LAST BOY SCOUT", "Acid In The Coliseum: The Films Of Tony Scott (Part Two)", "PTS Presents EDITOR'S SUITE with MARK GOLDBLATT Vol. Plot. Takeaway: When we write scene description, we need to think visually, use images — strong verbs, vivid descriptors — to create a rich, evocative story in the minds-eye of the reader.

Its the end of the silly 80s action movies of just groups of guys shooting at one another across a room with no real camera work other than Bruce Willis or Stallone or Arnold or jean Claude on one side of the room screaming and shooting guns and then cut to a shot of Snipes or Ironside or Remar jumping across the screen while firing guns. [12][13], The film was nominated for two MTV Movie Awards. Being aware of Joe's history with Baynard, Marcone says that it would be cheaper to kill the senator and frame Joe for the murder. Joe plans to wait outside, where he is knocked out by a team of hitmen. Conflict and arguments flared between Joel Silver, Bruce Willis and Tony Scott. The Last Boy Scout: Best opening scene ever for a football movie? [29] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B+" on an A+ to F scale. Pitch-out to. After an argument between Joe and Jimmy, an annoyed Jimmy takes Cory from the stage while she is performing. It was a wonderfully intense time where my focus was better than it’s ever been. Anyone but Tony Scott directing this and it could have been another Chinatownesque noir classic. Everything about this description is right in HDTGMs wheelhouse.

Cole ingests PCP and, in a drug-induced rage, brings a gun onto the field, shooting three opposing players to reach the end zone.

Bill Medley performed the song "Friday Night's A Great Night For Football," written by Steve Dorff and John Bettis, on screen during the opening credits (the song is also reprised over the end titles); the song was released as a CD single by Curb Records. Mike gives Joe an assignment to act as bodyguard for a stripper named Cory.

The next day, Joe and Sarah reconcile, showing solidarity to a receptive Darian. share. There are a lot of reasons why Shane Black scripts like this one had an impact in the industry’s acquisition and development community, one of them this: Black is a hell of a visual writer. !” Laughs leading to shoot out. [32], On August 25, 2015, La-La Land Records released a limited edition soundtrack album featuring most of Kamen's score, plus Medley's song. Cole then shoots himself in the head. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Plot twist: Jimmy Dix is Hallenbek's imaginary friend. HOLY. Share this … I often say I’m circumventing the system a la Damon wayans and I would have named my eldest Darian had he been a girl. During halftime at a televised football game, L.A. This was an incredible screenplay that became a pretty cool favorite of mine. It just checks so many HDTGM boxes. He reaches beneath his jersey.

Some later cuts were done with the film's graphic scenes after it was originally rated NC-17, which explains quick-cut edits in some of the death scenes in the film. Friday Night's A Great Night For Football Written by Steve Dorff and John Bettis Produced by Steve Dorff Performed by Bill Medley Courtesy of Curb Records . Excuse me, but did any of you stupid shits bother to frisk this FUCK? Joe is rescued by Jimmy and Darian, and acquires both briefcases after running the bodyguards and Milo off the road. Marcone explains to Joe that he has been buying Senate votes to legalize sports gambling, but that Baynard tried to blackmail Marcone for $6 million. I didn’t feel much like doing anything except smoking cigarettes and reading paperbacks. But at the same time, I don't care, it should make for a fun episode. Cole's fingers paw the cold earth. are on the field now.

Joe knocks Milo to the edge of the stadium light platform, where SWAT officers shoot him several times. Grabbing the game ball, Jimmy throws it at Baynard, knocking him down just as Milo starts shooting. Jimmy and Cory leave the bar in separate cars while Joe is left to dispatch one of the hitmen.

Milo then falls into the moving rotor blades of a police helicopter. The site's critical consensus reads: "The Last Boy Scout is as explosive, silly, and fun as it does represent the decline of the buddy-cop genre. Fantastic find OP. Directed by Tony Scott. There were some heated, early-Nineties, testosterone charged personalities on the line. Learning of Mike's affair with Sarah, detectives Bessalo and McCaskey assume that he was killed by Joe and move to make an arrest. I have been thinking they should do this for like...5 years. It was a good 6 years after that till we got the matrix. I still can't believe they havent done this movie. I can still remember reading The Last Boy Scout as it made the rounds in Hollywood directly after it sold in 1990 for $1.75M. I just did that in Die Hard.’ So they said, ‘OK, let’s minimize the wife and, and while we’re at it, add a big finale.' [16][17][18] Internationally, the film grossed $55 million[19] for a worldwide gross of $114.5 million. Evocative descriptors. Time passed and eventually I sat down and transformed some of that bitterness into a character, the central focus of a private eye story which became The Last Boy Scout. Bruce was at the height of his stardom, so was Joel, so was Tony and so was Shane. Unfortunately, the explosion destroys the remaining evidence. The Last Boy Scout (1991) Soundtracks.

The Last Boyscout. I love this flick. The film was released in the United States on December 13, 1991. [9][10][11], Joel Silver said in a Q&A for The Nice Guys (2016) that Shane Black's original title was Die Hard. Hey. 38. Joe is forced to hand a briefcase filled with money to Baynard's bodyguards while someone takes pictures, but he notices that Milo switches it with a wired briefcase. There was a general pressure to somehow make it bigger.”[7], More problems emerged during post-production, when the original cut of the film turned out be a "borderline unwatchable workprint." So, watch it. At Joe's house, Jimmy meets Joe's abrasive daughter Darian. It just checks so many HDTGM boxes. For more in the Scene Description Spotlight series, go here. Silver asked if he could take the title for a project he was working on at the time called Nothing Lasts Forever, which eventually became Die Hard (1988). As Jimmy leaves, he is asked by an apologetic Darian to sign a football trading card, stating that Joe was a fan of Jimmy's and never watched another game after he was banned from the league. The film was released in the United States on December 13, 1991. This is one of those, why are they doing this movie? Stallions running back Billy Cole receives a phone call from a mysterious man named Milo, who warns him to win the game or he will be assassinated. Picks up a blocker. From the opening sequence in The Last Boy Scout. [31], Leonard Maltin gave the film two stars out of four: "More of the same from the Lethal Weapon school of hardcore action film-making...Violent, even by this genre's standards, but zippy enough to make it an okay view. Yes.

The crowd is screaming. [6], Assistant director James Skotchdopole attributed the tension on-set to an “overabundance of alpha males on that project. “Why did Milo cross the road?” Awkward pause “His dick was stuck in the chicken! Running full out. The one liners in this movie are so epic. A private detective's protected female witness is murdered, prompting him and the victim's boyfriend to investigate the crime that leads to a corrupt politician and a crooked football team owner.


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