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Symantec says Clearwell's eDiscovery product is a natural fit with Symantec's Enterprise Vault, with which it's already integrated.

jobPosition: (dlJobPosition !== "" ? } } z-index: 999999; } } else { goldenTaxList.split(',') : []), title: stringFromDataLayer('articleTitle'), }).done(function(responseData){ The three main reasons: As with other technology vendor mergers and acquisitions, I’m sure we’ll see a few bumps in the integration process. } adblocker: (adBlockStatus == "true"), //detected further up the page

adBlockStatus = 'false'; "playertype": "bottomRightPlayer", } userKeys.forEach(function(key) { 'ga_enabled':'true', The Symantec eDiscovery Platform powered by Clearwell brings transparency and control to the electronic discovery process. 'industry': dlIndustry, top: 5%; ads: { The deal, expected to close in September, will give Symantec technology that will help it deliver applications and services to help find data on demand, Ellen Messmer (Network World) on 20 May, 2011 08:31. }).fail(function(data){ "mute": true, dlJobFunction = tokens['jobFunction']; } "categorySlugs": IDG.GPT.targets["categorySlugs"],

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var idg_uuid = $.cookie('idg_uuid') || ''; window.idgus.cmp.gpt.then(function (consentOk) { if (! } border: none; if (val.length !== 0) { 'sponsorName':'', Symantec says Clearwell's eDiscovery product is a natural fit with Symantec's Enterprise Vault, with which it's already integrated. "articleId": IDG.GPT.targets["articleId"],

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}; $.ajax({ CSO } else { Symantec says Clearwell's eDiscovery product is a natural fit with Symantec's Enterprise Vault, with which it's already integrated. My preliminary perspective is that this acquisition will ultimately be a positive move for current and prospective enterprise customers. var hermesAttrs = { }); E-Discovery-Anbieter stellen auf der LegalTech-Messe Verbesserungen an Produkten vor, Clearwell Systems stärkt die E-Discovery-Plattform, © Copyright Symantec erwirbt Clearwell für e - Daten Center - 2020 (2020), Sony beendet CD-, DVD- und Blu-ray-PC-Laufwerke, da drahtlose Netbooks und Tablets regieren, Polizei schießt auf mutmaßlichen iPhone-Dieb, sperrt die Schule während der Verfolgung, VMworld 2012: VMware erklärt die vRAM-Preisgestaltung für den Tod, Symantec erwirbt Clearwell für e - Daten Center - 2020. purchaseIntent: stringFromDataLayer('purchaseIntent') } }); right: 3%; width: 100%; .margin-col .brVideoContainer, "URL": IDG.GPT.targets["URL"], max-width: 600px; userKeys.forEach(function(key) { var videoPlayerMarkup='

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Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. 'insiderSignedIn':insiderSignedIn, } (Symantec and Clearwell offices are only a few blocks from each other in Mountain View, CA). $(function() { dlIndustry : null), });


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