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Not that you would understand some of the best business deals are where everyone has to compromise and no one gets to dominate, its good for all involved – see the old HP boys. And printing lots of paper. Lol. All those videos of Wuhan people collapsing in the street (why was this only seen in Wuhan), people dragged out of their apartments (China is the 1 country that could stop those videos getting out if they wanted) & China taking its banknotes off to be cleaned. *Four match series. Angnotology is not an alternative view and has serve consequences for everyone, especially when its some concocted narrative to fill uninformed minds with so some can benefit from it at the cost to everyone else – now and in the future.

Anywho if you really want to blow your brains out pondering it try –

The WHO or the 12,000 scientists, doctors and epidemiologists that signed the Barrington Declaration? Meanwhile the WHO walks back on lockdowns. Men. Post-Covid politics will be neither –, Budget 2020: Is anyone brave enough to mention immigration? Way above Doms pay grade footie … posturing is his mobs forte with a side of proselytizing from the good works of the most rational [tm] minds ever to walk this earth. Wobblies need >1 win to take the Bledisloe. Mean while the data that is being collected and reconciled keeps informing that this is nothing like the flu, contra to what the ideologically driven let it rip crowd and how long term effects could easily out weigh any preconceived short term economic metric driven benefit., Could his cv be any more f’ing authoritative, Bob these fwits will never accept they got it wrong, If Jesus Christ himself came back and told everyone lockdowns aren’t warranted. What defence is left for this approach? Then some are confused about why monopolies are such a feature and not a bug these days. Is it mandatory to insult some folks every time you comment. rinse and repeat since carter and after burners from raygun. That’s where people might advocate, for example, that “all fruit, vegetables and meat” sold in Australia be required to meet minimum standards for quality, safety, ethical production, etc, then let “Mr Market” find the most efficient ways to deliver products while meeting those goals (or “market interventions” as you would call them). Argument. They have always been anti lockdown and stated that tithe lockdown cure is worse than the COVID disease. That may not be what you *think*, but it is what you *say*. Repeatedly. Sadly I’m one of the ones left rotting in Melbourne. He hates freedom and wants everyone following his twisted rules. He was taken on a tour of the back streets of Delhi and witnessed the welding of a bicycle done with thonged foot holding the frame and a bit of slotted cardboard as eye protection …it only hardened his belief . Comment in mod, but its curious that Dominic rubbishes all economics as cut from the same cloth, but excludes his own economic group, especially considering its ascendancy in American economic departments was funded and advanced by C-corps and wealthy advocacy groups back in the day as a big business lobby front. 2.3K likes.


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