submarine command phrases
In theory, you would put it on, swim out of the escape hatch and “Ho, ho, ho” (simply something you were taught to say so that you wouldn’t hold your breath) your way to the surface. Kruse: In your model of intent-based leadership, what’s the role of the leader? Still, POD had their fans. There is always coffee being drunk, and woe to the shitbird who takes the last cup and doesn’t start a new pot. She was the first purpose-built submarine tender in the Imperial Japanese Navy. Retired Capt. XPG SPECTRIX DT50 RGB PC Memory: 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4. ©2020 Verizon Media. Went there at the tail end of the Cold War on my first boat. As a Helmsman/Planesman for my watch, for battlestations, any other special thing, and then later as Chief of the Watch, Diving Officer, and Pilot/Co-Pilot (Virginia-class at the end of my career), I spent a few thousand hours at PD. ", The call is normally used because it serves the double purpose of alerting the correct listener and of helping to define the contents of the message. But, one man CAN Nub: Non-useful body. All come from the conning tower over XJA. -- submitted by Ted Armstrong STSC (SS), USN Ret. Field Day: Weekly at sea, all hands that aren’t on watch clean the ship. Flood negative. Phonograph Recording -Telephone Talking It is hard to describe any other way than that but it’s pretty awesome. Station names are as follows: When communication from a sonar operator becomes continuous, as in giving a rapid series of bearings during an approach, the conning tower may direct the operator to omit this identification. These particular names have been selected on the basis of tests which showed them to be the most easily understood and the least readily confused. Noise: Obviously, noise is not good when the primary advantage you have as a warfighting platform is your stealthiness. I don’t know, but we used to say it every time something went wrong. never wounds 'till she has generously given notice, given to her enemy, and Forward room, shift bow buoyancy vent to hand. I did quite a few of these in a certain part of the Adriatic, dodging smugglers headed for Italy in speedboats. Kind of a cool thing to do. show that TRITON would sink 19 Japanese vessels, including a Japanese Navy Lloyd Charles McKenzie, TM1, USN was a Submariner's-Submariner. this text was captured by a combination of optical character recognition Twenty degree rise on the bow planes. and human typist. In charge of all enlisted men, watch station assignments, rack assignments, cranking assignments, head of the Chief Petty Officer’s mess and about a million other things. I actually have never heard it called the bomb on any of my boats, but a friend of mine referred to it that way one time and said that on all his boats that’s what they called it. Midrats was almost always one thing, never a meat and three sides or whatever like lunch or dinner. as long as we remember them around the campfire, they will live forever. Something we used to say on my first boat, USS Phoenix (SSN 702), long decommissioned. Note: At the conclusion of the initial search upon taking over a watch, the lookout reports his sector clear if nothing is sighted. I just saw their whole f***in' I did not understand what he want me to do as I Gyros forward, shift to hand. When he asked what Trask would do if Angles and Dangles: High angles, usually resulting in significant depth changes, to ensure that everything is stowed properly prior to running drills, engaging in some exercises that would require running fast/changing depth quickly, etc. The "Marlin"-class submarines are a class of diesel-electric attack submarine. going to get us now.". said. I ask you to go with me, as I went the other day, to a Veterans I needed to figure out how to get people thinking. Forward: Anything forward of the watertight door that divides the engine room from the forward compartment. At this depth, you watch stuff, shoot trash, ventilate the ship and perform other housekeeping sort of tasks. Walt Specht MM1(SS), nearing Veteran's Day, 2005, "Some ships are designed to sink… others require our assistance.". ", "Helm, bridge...what are you doing 60 degrees off course? Not fun for you, but hilarious for everyone else. -- submitted by Gene Brockingham ETCS(SS) Ret. USS L. Mendel Rivers SSN 686   1981 - 84, MM1(SS) Dristiliaris (not sure of spelling) (An Instructor I had at SUBSCOL), Submitted by Patrick M. Reilly, Choteau, MT, On a very dark night while approaching a "sampan", the officer of the deck asked only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must down, the Nav yells out “Emergency Deep” with his eye bugging out of his head. I was all prepped up to go to one submarine, and very last minute, I got shifted to a different one, one I hadn't trained up for. I recently interviewed David to get his advice on leadership and getting your people engaged. He gets punched in the arm, usually by the mongo-ist machinist’s mate there. GURNARD'S third war patrol (East China Sea). turned to us as he left the Fwd Torpedo room, and remarked, "Looks like Captain Phones are never secured without permission from the OOD. Starboard lookout, search from ze-ro fi-yiv ze-ro to ze-ro seven ze-ro. One only has to look at the "Severodvinsk", Russia’s version of a nuclear guided missile submarine (SSGN). Supplementary reports - Without further orders, radar operators report all additional information as soon as it is observed. As part of your qual board, you are generally asked something like, “In an EAB, how would you get to the (some far off location in the boat),” so that you would have to demonstrate knowledge of the location of the EAB connections. I was a yeoman but sat many qual boards (yeah, I’m bragging a little but I worked hard for my heaviness, so yeah). Hell, I went through this on the Thresher (SS 200) during WW ll Please report any typos, or particularly annoying layout issues with the Mail Feedback Form for correction. The submarine was powered by two Germaniawerft F46 supercharged six-cylinder four-stroke diesel engines producing a total of and two Garbe, Lahmeyer & Co. RP 137/c double-acting electric motors producing a total of for use while submerged.


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