panther tank
Another simplification of the production process was to introduce less complicated hinged hatches above the heads of the driver and radio operator. 1944 Total 3777 The gun mantle on the Ausf.A turret was wider than the one fitted to the older Ausf.D. The main advantages of the leaf springs over a torsion bar suspension were lower hull silhouette and a simpler shock damping design. This issue was partly addressed by a stronger gear housing, but the complete replacement of the system was not planned before the next Panther II, later abandoned. Production of the Panther was slow and there were never enough of them to make a serious difference to the fighting in Russia, Italy or North West Europe. With reinforcements, this figure rose to 432 by July. The Panther is often believed to be the best German tank of the Second World War. Panzerbefehlswagen Panther Ausf. Pantherturm fortification in Italy, mid 1944. This was changed to a monocular T.Z.F.12a gun sight starting in late November 1943. While having essentially the same engine as the Tiger I tank, it had better frontal armor (including the benefit of a sloped armor, increasing effective armor depth), better gun penetration, was lighter and thus faster, and could traverse rough terrain better than the Tigers. This was also the heaviest Panther, weighing 48 tons, the original planned weight of the Tiger. Tank Encyclopedia's Creator, webmaster and illustrator since 2010. [76] The greatly outnumbered Panthers came to be used as mobile reserves to fight off major attacks.[77]. They were only sparingly painted in camouflage patterns using Dunkelgelb in patches. Two final pre-production prototypes were also delivered in November (V1 and V2). pp. At its actual lenght the gun should be 89 calibers long not 71 . The Panther medium tank went into production in 1943. The Panther was born out of the shock of combat on the Eastern Front during the 1941 Operation Barbarossa. The letter ‘g’ was the code for ‘Stahlguß aller Legierungen’ (steel castings of all alloys) and the letter ‘s’ was short for ‘schwimmende Bolzen’ (swimming/rotating bolt). Another thirty were scheduled to be completed in October and a further thirty in December 1944. Only 415 were built by MIAG, MNH and MBA until 1945. On the Ausf.G Panther tank a revised gun mantel design was introduced that had a ‘chin’ guard to stop the ricochet problem. Hitler ordered that the T-34 be copied and the result was the Panther, … Panzer Tracts No.5-2 by Thomas L.Jentz and Hilary Louis Doyle This upgrade increased the glacis plate to 100 mm (3.9 in), the side armor to 60 mm (2.4 in), and the top armor to 30 mm (1.2 in). I let to you to see the reason of this long writing. The DB design resembled the T-34 in hull and turret form. The interleaved wheels are solid steel, very heavy and there are a lot of them. (Starting in August 1944 it was covered by a larger hood rain shield.) By mid June, the two Panzer-Abteilung, plus PzAbt.28, were sent back on the Eastern front, under the command of Von Lauchert. [95] Although the T-34-85 tank was not quite the equal of the Panther, it was much better than the 76.2 mm-armed versions and made up for its quality shortcomings by being produced in greater quantities than the Panther. I’ve been searching for an answer but there’s nowhere to be found. They had developed the excellent 17-pounder anti-tank gun, but had no vehicle that could fit this large gun into its turret. Will be cosmetically restored and displayed in the new museum in a diorama representing a field repair unit of the Wehrmacht, along with a Strabo Fries gantry. In June 1941, during a seemingly unstoppable advance, the first encounters with T-34s really shook the General Staff, as more and more reports signaled that a Russian tank was found superior to both the upgraded Panzer III and the Panzer IV.


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