outer worlds ultimatum

Originally the gun, along with its schematics where in the possession of Orson Shaw.
Special effect The Force Ultimatum Information

FORCE is a company that you won’t find in Halcyon that supplies Earth Directorate soldiers. The Ultimatum is a phlogisynchotron pistol, standard issue for Earth Directorate soldiers.

He secretly worked on upgrading and repairing the gun in the mechanical maintenance room of the facility.


Make sure to give the weapon blueprints back to Orson Shaw and complete his quest. As a reward, Orson Shaw will give you the unique FORCE Ultimatum pistol. Standard The Outer Worlds handgun 200m Listen to his message by talking to ADA. When I found this gun in The Outer Words I immidiatly knew I wanted to print this.

Weapons are used to deal damage to Enemies. 4/3

A powerful handgun that fires special energy projectiles that ricochet off of most surfaces.

Ultimatum: Vulcan's Hammer is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds.

Originally the gun, along with its schematics where in the possession of Orson Shaw. Available modifications The Outer Worlds: How To Get The Ulti-Nature Pistol | Unique Gun Guide, The Outer Worlds: 20 Tips, Tricks & Secrets I Wish I Knew | Beginner’s Guide, The Outer Worlds: How To Recruit Every Companion | All Party Members Guide, The Outer Worlds: How To Find All 5 Science Weapons | ‘Weapons From The Void’ Locations Guide, The Outer Worlds: 10 Tips To Help You Survive Supernova | Hardest Difficulty Guide, The Outer Worlds: How To Respec | Skills & Perks Reset Guide, The Outer Worlds: How To Join All 5 Primary Factions | Branching Story Guide, The Outer Worlds: How To Easily Increase Carry Weight | Maximum Inventory Guide, The Outer Worlds: Use This Trick To Upgrade & Deal Insane Damage | Best Weapon Guide, The Outer Worlds: How To Fix Constant Crashes, Low FPS & Tweak .ini Files | PC Fixes Guide, The Outer Worlds: All Unique Weapon Locations Guide | Emerald Vale Region, The Outer Worlds: The Frightened Engineer Quest | All 3 Volume Locations, The Outer Worlds: How To Get SAM, The Robot Companion | ‘The Cleaning Machine’ Guide, The Outer Worlds: How To Complete Gladys’ Quest Without Spending All Your Cash | Navkey Guide, Xbox Doesn’t Need To Sell Bethesda Games On PlayStation To Recoup Money, Microsoft Already Working On Xbox Series X Iterations, Marvel’s Avengers DLC & Next-Gen Release Delayed, Nintendo Kills Off The Missing Link Zelda Fan Game. In-Game Description . Buy 73 ✘

Science Weapons, not much is known … Break down (WB/INV) Because all FORCE products are banned, the Ultimatum obtainable by the player is likely the only one in Halcyon. The Outer Worlds handgun Weapons are used to deal damage to Enemies. Rate of fire Armor in The Outer Worlds is used to protect the player from damage. https://theouterworlds.fandom.com/wiki/Ulti-Nature?oldid=26267, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Energy Weapons have special effects and are charged rather than reloaded. Later Orson fled to Roseway with the pistol after outlaw's invaded the region. Magazine

After several in-game days have passed, Orson Shaw will contact you on the Unreliable. Ultimatum 5,000. Max range

Barrel 15
2° Weapons are used to deal damage to Enemies.


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