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Kamala? Another Democratic chairman has found himself in the race of his life in 2020. He survives impeachment and he surprises at the polls. MACON, Ga. — He pitched rural voters in Iowa on Wednesday, visited North Carolina and Florida on Thursday — states his campaign once insisted were a lock — and is spending Friday evening here in Georgia, which Democrats last carried in 1992. 2020-01-24 Exclusive: This site pays Americans to write 'news' articles. President Donald Trump speaks during an NBC News Town Hall, at Perez Art Museum Miami, Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020, in Miami. Will flag-waving Latinos win Florida for Trump? And he’s made naked appeals to the critical voting blocs of suburban women and older adults — two demographics he has struggled to win over. While Florida Republicans used to dominate the absentee ballot game, this year there's been a stunning development: For the first time ever at this stage of a general election, Florida Democrats are outvoting Republicans. New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services via Reuters, 'The Con' premiere examines how a TV producer's fairytale romance fell apart, ‘The Con’ the all-new series with Whoopi Goldberg airs Weds, Oct 14th at 10|9c on ABC, 'Suitcase Killer' Melanie McGuire defends innocence from inside prison, Starlets of early 2000s were meticulously created, collaborators reveal, Slain ex-NBA player's mom still wants answers to ex-wife's involvement in his murder, How do we grow from here? | AP Photo/Michael Conroy, File. In the final 18 days before voters decide whether to keep President Donald Trump in the White House, the incumbent Republican is spending precious time in states that were never supposed to be this close but now threaten to upend his reelection campaign. Republican Sen. David Perdue mocked Sen. Kamala Harris on Friday, derisively mispronouncing the Democratic vice presidential candidate's name during a campaign rally in Georgia. | Facebook screenshot. The latest breaking news, comment and features from The Independent. President Donald Trump on Friday vowed to shield America’s senior citizens from the coronavirus and directed them to stay home amid the pandemic, addressing a crowd of elderly supporters at an indoor event where mask-wearing was sporadic and not mandated. Want an ad-free experience?Subscribe to Independent Premium. Subscribe now. He’s mused out loud about an embarrassing 2020 defeat. Pfizer announced Friday it would not seek emergency authorization from the Food and Drug Administration for a coronavirus vaccine before the third week of November. What went wrong? | Stew Milne/AP Photo. What if Trump and Biden actually had the debate? Despite the president’s assertion, Collins’ opposition to Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination and confirmation is more than a rumor. | Robert F. Bukaty/AP Photo. But one thing united the two pages, despite the dueling messages: A New York state man was behind both of them, churning out political content aimed at left- and right-wing voters while garnering millions of comments, likes and reposts across social media, according to an analysis by POLITICO. NOBLESVILLE, Ind. Law experts say the California Democrat isn't 'soft' or 'tough' on crime: ‘she's smart', Trailing in polls and beset by coronavirus crisis, president goes on the defensive. I don’t know. POLITICO's Marc Caputo takes Nerdcast host Scott Bland inside the must-win swing state in the final weeks of an unprecedented election year. Every step to stardom was meticulously planned. It’s about patriotism. Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.), the fourth most senior Democrat in the House, is facing a formidable challenge this year from GOP opponent Alek Skarlatos in a purple district that came just a fraction of a percentage point away from backing President Donald Trump in 2016. all these years. The company is the only frontrunner in the vaccine race that has said it could have proof its vaccine works by Nov. 3. The president’s last best hope for meeting that deadline fizzled Friday as Pfizer announced that it would not seek emergency authorization from the Food and Drug Administration before the third week of November. The president added that he perhaps would have remained indoors to avoid possible infection, were it not for the office he held. I don’t know. All of our most popular rankings, right before the new school year, are below, broken out by undergraduate, MBA and more. Just weeks from Election Day, President Donald Trump is saying the quiet part out loud about his own campaign. 12th October 2020 10:23 am 12th October 2020 10:23 am News Energy & environment Promoted Content: The Unseen Wonders of Radiant Heating, Cooling and Snowmelting


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