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“So I wanted to see what he could teach me.”. I think it’s a simple matter of fact that I trust him.”, Wuxia Meets Art House Cinema in 'The Assassin', The Mixed Martial Arts of Victorian London, Kron Gracie on Jiu-Jitsu, Skateboarding, Older Brothers, and Famous Fathers, Joel Tudor on the Art of Surfing, Fighting, and Style. They were both warriors. Fusco wanted her to be The Hand Maiden. If you like this post, please share it along: Episode 375 – Methods for Practicing on Your Own, http://traffic.libsyn.com/whistlekick/133-michelle-yeoh.mp3, Episode 545 – whistlekick LIVE Season 2 (Episode 1), Episode 543 – Thoughts on Becoming a Better Instructor, Episode 541 – What Martial Artists Have Learned in 2020. When you read the script, or when you ask him about certain things, you know that he didn’t just make it up. MMA Fighter Dustin Barca Takes on Monsanto in Hawaii, Yancy's Day Off: A Tour of Oahu's Wild West, The House of Rickson: An Afternoon in Rio with Jiu-Jitsu's Royal Family, The Evening Training Sessions of the Rwandan Defense Force, Fight Night at the Olympic: Classic Los Angeles Ringside Photography, Kingston Story: Boxing in the Backyards of Jamaica. “I was prancing around doing ballet while he was doing the really serious Crane stuff and Tiger Claw. Physically they were able to. Great thought has gone into it, whether it was research, or a personal experience. As the sole returning cast member from the original film, a 30 year veteran of martial arts filmmaking, and as a Chinese woman, she expected to be the one schooling the American writer and producer.

“What really drew me to the character was the background she came from, what she represented. Because she's a trained dancer she has been able to combine her skills to do her own stunts in many movies.

He’s ridden through Mongolia with his son, and he’s a really good martial artist, which I’m totally jealous about. It was impossible to say no to such a rich and full character,” she says. A 30 year veteran of martial arts filmmaking, Michelle Yeoh talks about her new role as The Hand Maiden. While she’s no fan of the current white-washing that’s been happening with a number of prominent Asian characters in Hollywood lately (“I’m sure we have enough very strong, beautiful Asian actors who could play the roles.”) she is open to cultural exchange when it’s done with great thoughtfulness and care.

Although the role reversal continued to both stun and amuse her, Fusco’s commitment to learning about and accurately representing ancient Chinese culture and martial arts also made her feel like both the Marco Polo story and her part in it were in very capable hands.

It doesn’t mean that, if you’re Chinese, you’ve learned your Chinese history properly. Michelle Yeoh can be seen in numerous martial arts films and some of her best fight scenes can be seen in films like Wing Chun (1994), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), Supercop 2 (1993), Royal Warriors (1986), Tai Chi Master (1993), Magnificent Warriors (1987), Reign of Assassins (2010), Supercop (1992), Yes Madam (1985) and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000). Should I know more about our own history, and all that?’ But sometimes you get lost knowing about so many other things that we don’t know what’s in our own background. It should be the other way around.

But fighting with the love of your life... now, why would you do that? Michelle Yeoh is a famous martial arts actress best known for her roles in Tomorrow Never Dies and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. But it was clear that she’d play a pivotal role in Marco Polo’s ongoing story. Michelle Yeoh is a Malaysian actress that is known for martial arts in Hong Kong films in the 1980s. In between takes, she continued to pick Fusco’s brain, both about her character and anything else that piqued her curiosity.

And I really like that. You just have to do it. Yeoh says that she was “very, very touched” that he’d chosen such a prominent role for her, and was eager to learn even more from the showrunner. But to have the emotional part of the way these two were interacting. Log in. “It’s how much time you put into it. He’d written the screenplay for the sequel to Ang Lee’s groundbreaking and award-winning 2000 epic, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and the pair developed a close working relationship as she prepared to reprise her role from the original.

In fact, he knew much more than me, so I was not very happy with that,” she admits to Fightland with a self-deprecating laugh. A historian can be much more knowledgeable and there’s no right or wrong in that.”, And Fusco, she believes, is a good example of someone who has put in that time. You should be telling me about ballet and I should be telling you about martial arts.’”. The audience knew nothing about her beyond the fact that she’d shared some sort of history with the show’s resident martial arts master, Hundred Eyes.

They were both very, very good at what they did, and you know that they could kill each other. When it came time to make the second season of Marco Polo, which premiered on Netflix internationally last week, Fusco contacted Yeoh with a new offer: at the end of the first season, he’d introduced a character named The Hand Maiden. And that wasn’t always the case. He was almost like Marco Polo himself.

The values, the love story between her and Hundred Eyes, and the intensity of the emotional ride that she came with. It was The Hand Maiden herself that truly sold her on the project, though. So I trust him. “The beauty about this man is that he really lives that lifestyle of meditation, loving the culture, believing in the culture, and there’s a real respect that he’s giving to the Chinese culture. In 1985, she began making action movies with D&B Films of Hong Kong. And, for me, that was the most beautiful part of that love story.”. “The action sequences she did [with Hundred Eyes] was not just fighting with the enemy.

It comes from his heart, which makes a big difference. They hadn’t even been shown her face yet. The star was immediately impressed by Fusco’s knowledge and thoughtfulness, but also a little confused by it. A surf icon helps MMA keep its sense of tradition. He’s spent many more years doing it than I have,” she says. She uses many dance moves in her films. Michelle Yeoh first met John Fusco, the creator of Netflix’s historical action/drama series, Marco Polo, on the set of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny. Photo: Kit Wong No This is all wrong. “Showing off physical abilities is a given, because you only have the best stunt coordinators, and the directors and the DPs who know how to film it. And it was such a joy to see someone who was so enamored.

But how they could emotionally overcome each other, that was the challenge. Never a trained martial artist, she relied on her dance discipline and her on-set trainers to prepare for her martial arts action scenes. Yeoh was still too busy with her Sword of Destiny obligations at the time to commit to the first season, but he never gave up on the possibility of finding a place for her in the greater series. It’s not rocket science for us, because we’ve been doing it for a while. So when he started telling me about all of those things, I would go ‘No!

Fusco was equally impressed with her and, when he started putting together the cast for Marco Polo in 2014, he approached her about a possible role in it. Fighting with the enemy is very easy, actually, because there’s no thought to it. I mean, this is not fair! She was first billed as Michelle Khan, then later, Michelle Yeoh. Yeoh began dancing classical ballet at the age of four. Malaysia’s Michelle Yeoh, martial arts expert and star of Crazy Rich Asians, Memoir of a Geisha and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, works on behalf of many global charities. That takes a lot of drama.”, Those intense physical and emotional battles gave Yeoh a rare chance to show off her skills as an action performer and a dramatic actress at the same time.

“I felt like saying, ‘Excuse me: You are the foreigner, and I’m supposed to be Chinese. viagra generic whistlekick Martial Arts Radio The Martial Arts Podcast asking: "What's Your Story?" “I discovered this man who was so entrenched with the historical values and not just culture of China, but also the martial arts element of my part of the world. No!

“It’s almost not fair!” she says of his knowledge.


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