major internet outage today

But who knows at this point. Have emailed our account rep but who knows if he received it. I’m in zip code 93543 (outside of Palmdale,CA and just north of Pasadena). It provides Internet service via their Tier 1 network to Internet carriers in Europe, Asia, and North America. Central Phoenix – Having difficulty getting to most website. Be aware!!!! Anyone else confirm that service is down? 7 ( 18.342 ms 19.508 ms 19.354 ms Your internet went down and the browser couldnt get a connection. 22: Even the Internet Enjoys a Long Weekend; Plus, Digging Into a Recent CDN Outage.

Its the Russians lol. 12 * * * No internet for my PC in. Internet speeds down to 1.3MB, from 70. According to DownDetector, a site that tracks outages, Comcast customers are experiencing problems in “Mountain View, Denver, Portland, Chicago, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Houston, Minneapolis, and Boston.”. I cant connect the internet, i still can play games, but only the websites are not connect. Pie got caught for that recently. Further research indicated the outage was on a national scale. WHY? No phone, or internet service in HOuston Texas for 3 days now. 11.|– ae-92-92.csw4.Paris1.Leve 0.6% 1000 131.0 131.0 130.9 142.1 0.7 the thing that makes me angry is they try to hide it from you and treat you like you’re stupid. ThousandEyes Internet Insights™ is a platform that leverages aggregated Internet telemetry data to We are issuing a warning to businesses that there is a major internet outage being reported across the United States today. “Just wanted to let you know that I received your email and that we are aware of the outage and are addressing. While I admire your drive in pursuing new customers, it is very risky highlighting a network outage on a competitor. You can use this map to quickly understand if an ongoing Cant even reach Google 90% of the time. We cannot call the L# support line. Having Major Level 3 Telecom issues right now. ( 22.049 ms One of our sites has been unreachable all day. Some Level 3 customers experiencing problems today. However, our problems were limited to access issues for 1-2 minutes starting at 3:41 AM PDT. it is now July 29th. This is to confirm that an update has been recorded on Level 3 ticket ********. I just found this page. You may not know this but if your employer doesn’t have interconnect agreement with with every carrier then more than likely that call will be carried by Level3. WP Website will be blocked by Firewall. We are told this is beasue of the level 3 problem. All of Europe, most of Latin American (including Mexico) and Asia are faster and more reliable. Gain a global view of network outages across ISP, public cloud and edge service networks. We are in Oakland Oregon. I don’t even think Centurylink works weekends except for secretaries taking messages. I can’t see anything on their Twitter status page or live tweets from others. cloud and edge service networks. mtr -i 0.02 -c 1000 -s 200 –report If there is a problem at Level 3, the entire internet is effected. Maybe if we all stopped paying the bill it might get their attention. Way to go commerce department. 8 ( 22.321 ms 24.989 ms Called customer support twice to initiate trouble ticket they hung up twice. My trace goes from my box, to the city’s location, to the il backbone, and then gets dumped on at 200:4860:0:1::1f32, and never becomes stable after that jump (jump 9).

The Internet Outages Map is an at-a-glance visualization of global Internet health over We are paying for 40 MB service. Latency of 16 seconds in level6 we can’t work with that. In this eBook, we will explain For nearly two weeks I have been unable to upload to my site at and a tracert always shows a snag at, level 3 in Miami. I called the number and gave them access to my computer then they go in and at the end tell me it is going to cost $299-599.00. I also wasn’t a fan of the TW acquisition by LVLT and I opposed the acquisition of TimeWarner by Comcast (funny enough, TW and TimeWarner were broken up to stop a conglomerate that would control too much of the internet…) meanwhile LvLt has trouble today and over 1/3 of the entire internet stops working. I had Armstrong before but they just couldn’t seem to field a team. Trace complete. Everything has been solid since then. Issues with Sucuri WP Security Plugin in Europe.

Just saying, My Internet via wifi has been getting progressively slower for the past week or so. Very inconvenient for college student with online classes and homework/tests that can only be submitted through Blackboard online. That system was not meant for this, and back then when people didn’t create companies to simply rip people off, they sort of cared a bit more then so things like “artificially and on purpose, throttling of the internet and other services” was not even a thought so the network won’t be able to handle it without some upgrades. Constant problems with midcontinent in midwest us. Can make an outbound call to a landline but not to a cell phone. It is an essential in this age of technology to have. Gonna get expensive.

Cell phone was mostly out (Verizon). Changed my DNS to Google working fine. For the whole internet. Both Internet and voice services are down. Nothing like a large internet outage to make you happy when you want internet access in the early hours, thanks @level3 for the outage.

Mean while, everyone has a mean nasty worm destroying Hard Drives.

There’s another Level3 outage today across the USA, Oct 15. Fresh Level 3 internet outage for some customers today, October 21. I was hoping to do a data science project based on past level 3 internet outages. Pingdom’s State of the Internet - A live map of website incidents, browser and device metrics from around the world An outage can/will his any network at any time. I had never even heard of this company until today. Another rep said nationwide and will resolve once they can find what caused it. Outages can happen at any time.

Others in the coffee shop tell me their WiFi is very slow also. It is interesting to watch people’s behaviors when they are not able to use their devices for more than a Rolodex, calculator, or clock. 13 ( 126.458 ms 122.892 ms 96.566 ms Service Down since two days ago for Los Angeles. but in reality, both parties wanted this too so blame Obama as much as Trump. When will service be back on???

Tv has turned on and off and back on 5 times in the last hour. ThousandEyes' global sensor network to detect network outage events taking 7.|– ae-8-3603.ebr4.Chicago2.L 96.2% 1000 7.8 7.8 7.8 7.9 0.0 I can help your business make a switch Each week, ThousandEyes Internet experts analyze the current state of global Internet health,

That links is to a PDF map, not a live coverage/outage map. Im in the UK and experiencing Level3 Internet issues as well. ( 21.489 ms map above in near real time, so you can always have an at-a-glance understanding of It makes no sense. 0.0% 1000 7.9 7.8 7.7 13.1 0.4 Subscribe to The Internet Report on YouTube →. Couldn’t reach any application or services of Office 365 and Azure, many sites were unreachable, some could get to their own pages, but services simply froze …. I keep hearing about “My Internet”.. this is a global issue with over 70% of cable based internet reported to be down across North America alone. Not working at all in Washington State. noteworthy outages and more. There’s certainly a level 3 outage in the last hour, but this hasn’t been confirmed just yet on their Twitter. And we do use CenturyLink. Outages are events with 100% packet loss in the same AS during a period of time, A serious problem with Internet timeouts in the Spectrum service areas at Fayetteville, NC appeared to have been fixed during late afternoon on Saturday, August 19, but today (August 20) between 2 – 3 p.m., the Internet service went into meltdown again and most sites we try to access are timing out. Though – as I’m in Canada – it’s good to know we’re not at all attached to this infrastructure, though i”m curious why my data-center provider is claiming it’s ‘their jupiter switches’ when it simply isn’t. Apparently it is a countrywide outage…..again!!

Went to go look up a recipe and got a big orange screen with a screaming alert to call this number 844-543-2234. We are also a Cisco Meraki site. 6.|– level3.ord03.atlas.cogent 97.7% 1000 16473 16602 16473 16721 65.8 Sucks. 0.6% 994 130.2 130.2 130.1 142.2 1.4 Level3 always having some type of issue. This may very well explain why my DSL connection was down from Monday night up to sometime this morning.

This is not the time or the place and you clearly don’t understand the global communications grid well enough to open your mouth. 24: The TikTok Shutdown Showdown Continues, and WeChat Gets Muzzled, Ep.

I live in upstate NY and can’t access Youtube on Chrome. Ontario Canada is under a huge internet outage – they were blaming a power outage at the Cogeco headquarters – but can’t be that – Cogeco, Bell, Rogers ALL AFFECTED. voice calls outbound seem to be down here in Atlanta. CHARLOTTE, NC/HICKORY, NC MAJOR OUTAGE on CenturyLink Fiber since 3:45pm Eastern. Ours is still out with TDS and they claim it is a cable cut, but that is not true. The Internet Outages Map leverages aggregated network telemetry data from Internet is at an all time slow. Using Ookla SpeedTest I can’t connect to about half the servers offered in my area.

Level3 disrupting communications here in San Diego. 0.0% 1000 7.6 7.5 7.4 9.1 0.2 Many websites I use are down, including DownDetector is getting over 300 entries every 15 minutes from all over the country. Same issue here in NYC and WDC… cannot receive external calls.

We are in Oakland, Ca & use Comcast Xfinity- who I loathe! Houston, Texas is having issues as of 2.45PM (CST) Service seem to have returned to normal around 3PM Waiting for speak to a Level 3 representative to see what happened.


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