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The song also hit #1 in 36 iTunes countries and regions. [Pre-Chorus: Jisoo & Rosé] It’s all becoming vivid I owe it all to you

– NCT U 13. Today too, I can’t sleep and trying to forget you, It’s my own long goodbye would fall any moment → List of Genres, → Korea It rings without stopping in my mind The sound for you the echo spread Yeah, above the vague time stretch the hand Gonna hold you in my arms. When I let out my breath, it’s a familiar voice I'm a slave to my emotions The music video became the fastest video to hit 10M, 20M and 30M views milestone for a K-Pop girl group. Feelin' like a sinner Rum, pum, pum, pum, pum, pum, pum

This marks the Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah That kills you inside, yeah [Pre-Chorus: Rosé & Jisoo] Can’t I erase it all? So what? I’m picturing you all night long Yeah yeah ooh This night, all night → Japanese Romanizations Let's kill this love! 1 spot for a 24 hour debut (55.4 million views for “Thank U, Next”). Yeah, yeah, yeah → Privacy I can hear your voice Let's kill this love! More and more, I’m still like this, in my sleepless memory alone Song: 백야(White Night)(English Translation) So what? That warm nervous feeling, extreme excitement Rum, pum, pum, pum, pum, pum, pum From Home – NCT U 12.

Gotta kill this love (Yeah, yeah!) I’m dreaming of you all night long, ooh ya My dream, my dream is still you Sharing Romantic Quotes From Love Song Lyrics Can Make Expressing Your Feelings Easier. passing dream

Home » Artists N » NCT 127 » NCT 127 – Love Song Lyrics, The umbrella tilted to you Just in time Such a fortune that it’s so small Hoo This is an unexpected situation At this moment our shoulder has touched, ‘Let’s find somewhere to get in’ Even speaking my pace Gets slower without end I can’t stop I can’t stop this feeling, I also hear your breath Cause we are this close As it is being transparent Hope the time to be stopped yeah, I hate the rain But today start to like it No don’t think of stopping yet You can soak my left shoulder Love song in the rain Love song Love song yeah Make an island only for two ooh Like this Love this Love this Love this rain In the falling rain all day, I wanna wander the street seems familiar especially today Ooh ‘where was the pretty cafe visited last time?’ I can’t remember it, I am reflected in your eyes Cause we are this close When you smile seeing me My heart is about to stop yeah, In this place Just you and me Outside all blurry My focus clear as day 2.0 2.0 Warm and cozy Covering us from all the crazy, Rain don’t stop the rain Fall with you under the umbrella for single My day is so bright Think of you you’re my inseparable light, Doo-doo-doo- rain drop Hop out my foreign car On this wet asphalt Makes a scene, Before i know you overlap here inside of me In my mind you permeate like that moist rain I hate the rain, Neoreul hyanghae giun usani Ireoke ttaemachim Cham jagaseo dahaengiya Hoo ireon geon Yesanghaji mothan sanghwangiya Eokkaega daeun I sungan, ‘eodi deureogal del chatja’ Malhamyeonseodo nae georeumeun Jakkuman hayeomeopsi neuryeojyeo I can’t stop I can’t stop this feeling, Neoui sumsorido deullyeo Ireoke gakkaunikka Idaero tumyeonghaejin chae Sigani meomchwosseumyeon hae yeah, Bineun jilsaeginde Oneul jom joajiryeo hae Ani ajik geuchil saenggageun malgo Oenjjok eokkaeneun heumppeok jeoksyeo nwado dwae Bitsogui love song Love song love song yeah Dulmanui seomeul mandeureo ooh Ireoke love this love this love this rain Tteoreojineun bitsoge all day, Oneulttara deo iksukan georido hemaego sipeo nan Ooh ‘jeobeon geu yeppeun kapega eodi deora’ Jal gieongnaji ana, Neoui nune naega bichyeo Ireoke gakkaunikka Nal bomyeo useum jieul ttaen Simjangi meojeul geot gata yeah, Rain don’t stop bi naeryeowa Duriseo 1inyong umbrella arae Nae haruneun so bright Tteoolla neon jiji anneun naui bit, Doo-doo-doo- rain drop Hop out my foreign car Heumppeok jeojeun I aseupalteu wieneun Hanpyeonui sceneeul mandeureonaeji, Eoneusae yeogi nae ane nega gyeopchyeowa Nae mamsoge neoneun jeo chokchokan bicheoreom Seumyeodeureowa. Artist: NCT 127 Song: 백야(White Night)(English Translation) Album: NCT #127 Neo Zone Year: 2020

His love is my favorite English Translation: The umbrella tilted to you Just in time Such a fortune that it’s so small Hoo This is an unexpected situation At this moment our shoulder has touched ‘Let’s find somewhere to get in’ Even speaking my pace Gets slower without end I can’t stop I can’t stop this feeling. Before it kills you too The group therefore unseats Ariana Grande, who previously held the No.

There's no answer to this test, I'll always fall for it, yes → K-Translation Music, Dance – NCT 127 10.

Everything revolves around you, today too, This white night Got me all messed up So sorry SCANDAL Adds Dates in America to World Tour Schedule. This is the highly anticipated release following their last Korean mini album SQUARE UP in 2018. I can't stand being so weak BLACKPINK are certainly in YouTube’s area: the K-pop quartet made history last week with the release of the music video for their brand new single “Kill This Love.”. I’m walking and I found you My day and night only consist of you ooh, I’m still like this, you know me, please understand But you plus me The song features lyrics written by members Mark, Taeyong, and Johnny. So obvious, that love, love YouTube tells Billboard that “Kill This Love” had the biggest music video debut in YouTube history, earning 56.7 million views in its first 24 hours. “Kill This Love” is the title track for BLACKPINK’s second EP of the same name. Felt like heaven, but What should I do? Yeah, yeah, yeah Dancing In The Rain – NCT U 06. Here I come kick in the door, uh According to Billboard, the music video features a variety of weapons, ranging from a car being driven with an intent to kill, to a giant hunting trap. “Kill This Love” hit #1 on USA iTunes chart becoming the first K-Pop girl group song to achieve the feat and the 2nd overall K-Pop song. Yeah, it's sad but true The official translation for Kill This Love is taken from the music video, which was uploaded onto BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel. With just one word, you're like starstruck again The song features lyrics written by members Mark, Taeyong, and Johnny. It also promptly became the fastest music video to 100 million views on the streaming platform, reaching the milestone in under 3 days since its release on April 4. I'm not sorry BLACKPINK - Kill This Love (English Translation), BLACKPINK - Kill This Love (English Translation) Lyrics, Pentagon X ONF - Kill This Love (Original by Blackpink) (English Translation) by Genius English Translations, BLACKPINK - Don’t Know What To Do (English Translation), BLACKPINK - Kick It (English Translation), BLACKPINK - 아니길 (Hope Not) (English Translation), BLACKPINK - DDU-DU DDU-DU (Remix) (English Translation). NCT 127 – Love Me Now Lyrics.

From Home (Korean Ver.) BLACKPINK - Kill This Love (English Translation) Lyrics: Yeah, yeah, yeah / BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA! Let's kill this love! I can’t ask you “Are you doing fine?” BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA! The choreography to this is addicting.” — Lisa. I need to bring an end to this love → W-2020

We all commit to love [Intro: Jennie & Lisa]

He said "You look crazy" When I open my eyes, it’s just another sleepless night, When I force myself to sleep, I meet you in my If you cry tears of blood from both eyes 무대로 (Déjà Vu; 舞代路) – NCT DREAM 08. Look at me, look at you [Outro: All] then?

Why can’t I forget you? 180K 46K. While I force myself to hide my tears

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