last two episodes of star trek voyager

[8] SyFy ranked "Endgame" as the third best finale of Star Trek series up to 2016. [4] It was later voted the favourite episode of the second season during a fan poll. ", It was originally expected that a character would die in order to return Voyager to Earth, with Kate Mulgrew saying in an interview that one of the characters would die in one of the final frames of the series finale – but added that it didn't mean she was saying that it would be Janeway who would perish. In this episode their ship is split into two versions of itself sharing the same power source, while being attacked by a species of organ harvesting aliens known as the Vidiian.

They are pursued by a Borg sphere that has managed to withstand the pathogen's effects and assimilate Admiral Janeway's adaptive armor upgrades. Janeway is knocked unconscious and is rescued by a man who believes that she is his daughter. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Janeway from the undamaged ship asks her counterpart to delay for 15 minutes to devise another option, and returns to her ship via the rift. Episode cast overview, first billed only. Voyager … Seska lures Chakotay and Voyager to her, claiming that Maj Cullah is going to kill the baby she created using Chakotay's DNA, once he learns that it isn't his. While Janeway searches for a cure, she begins to form a deeper relationship with her first officer. [2], "Deadlock" had a rating of 9/10 on, the highest of the season 2 of Voyager. A transporter accident merges Tuvok and Neelix into one person. Aboard her old starship, the Admiral tells her younger self to return to a nebula filled with Borg that they passed by a few days before. In the show's final minutes, the crew stand dumbfounded that they have finally returned home after spending seven years in the Delta Quadrant and are greeted by a fleet of Starfleet vessels that had arrived to fight the Borg.

[8], Den of Geek considers it one of the most brutal Voyager episodes and included it in their Voyager viewing guide in 2017. I think Einstein would be put to the test. [7] They also ranked "Endgame" the 6th best episode of the Star Trek: Voyager series.

However, this did not replicate the antimatter, hence the power failures.

Janeway from the undamaged Voyager crosses through the rift along with the duplicate of Kes. A strange spatial distortion afflicts the ship and has the entire crew literally lost on their own ship. Originally a two-part story draft for the Star Trek: Phase II TV series in 1977, it was rewritten into a one-part episode for this production. Janeway squares off with the Borg Queen after successfully introducing the Doctor's pathogen to the Borg Central Plexus. Despite spying on the ship and preparing for its attack, the Borg are unable to penetrate Voyager's new adaptive hull armor or to capture it with tractor beams, while Voyager destroys two Borg cubes with transphasic torpedoes.

I think that is simplistic as the Borg are on a mission of conquest to destroy and assimilate everyone that exists. [1] In 2015, Brannon Braga stated on Twitter that he felt that it should have been Seven of Nine who died in the finale,[2] and that he had written the episode "Human Error" specifically to set this up. After discovering a 1936 Ford truck floating in space, Voyager follows an AM-band SOS call to a nearby planet.

After Neelix and Paris come to blows over Kes, they find themselves trapped together on a planet dubbed "Planet Hell" and become the unwilling parents of an infant alien. "Endgame" is the series finale of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager, episodes 25 and 26 of the seventh season and 171 and 172 in the overall series.

Tom Paris leaves Voyager and joins a Talaxian space convoy. suggested this episode should not be skipped. "Endgame" is the series finale of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager, episodes 25 and 26 of the seventh season and 171 and 172 in the overall series. During their now regular communications with Earth and Starfleet, the Doctor sends a holonovel too closely based on his adventures on Voyager, causing hurt feelings among his crew. [10] Empire ranked this the 48th best out of the top 50 episodes of all the 700 plus Star Trek television episodes. Year: Season 7. Tuvok mind-melds with a murderous Maquis crewman to better understand the roots of serial killing, losing control of himself in the process. They decided to focus the story on the two Captain Janeways and their interactions,[2] resulting in what actress Kate Mulgrew described as "the most arduous and possibly the most satisfying work I've ever done, technically". The two crews attempt to merge the ships, but the effort is unsuccessful. Voyager rescues a prison warden and a set of prisoners that are scheduled to be executed testing their own ethical beliefs. Captain Janeway and Chakotay contract an incurable virus and they can only survive if they stay behind together on a planet which negates the effects of the disease.

The Doctor saves a Vidiian dying from the Phage by placing her consciousness in a holographic body and then thinks that he is falling in love with her. After Voyager detects a Federation probe, the Kazon-Nistrim attack and steal transporter technology. The two Janeways meet to discuss options, recognizing they cannot evacuate the damaged Voyager without creating a quantum imbalance. [13], "Star Trek Voyager: Nielsen Ratings Season 2", "WIRED Binge-Watching Guide: Star Trek: Voyager", "20 years later: Our top 10 episodes of Star Trek: Voyager", "The 15 greatest Star Trek: Voyager episodes, ranked",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 September 2020, at 17:17. I thought 7 of 9 should sacrifice herself to get her crew home. Of the three 1980s/90s Star Trek series, Voyager takes the longest to really get up a head of steam. Writer Brannon Braga was initially inspired to create an episode with a strange narrative structure, and the team felt like they needed a more action heavy episode. The sphere is under orders from the Borg Queen to destroy Voyager so that the Admiral (and her sabotage) will not have occurred. images are displayed of Voyager's arrival over a firework-illuminated San Francisco.


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