feuerbach on religion

If Feuerbach wishes to establish a true religion upon the basis of an essentially materialist conception of nature, that is the same as regarding modern chemistry as true alchemy.

Ludwig was the third son of the distinguished jurist, Paul JohannAnselm Ritter von Feuerbach.

The both vary in culture as culture is central to understanding of human nature. Anselm gained popularity as the first Protestant to be elected to a chair at the Catholic dominated University of Bavaria.

Religion is, in Feuerbach’s opinion, man’s earliest but indirect form of self-knowledge, and every advance in religion may be said to be an advance in self-knowledge. Ludwig showed an enthusiasm for religious studies early in his lif… By the way, there exists a very close connection between alchemy and religion.

Feuerbach and the Interpretation of Religion is the ripe fruit of long reflection. At this point, Feuerbach’s thinking bears an affinity to Hegel’s philosophy of spirit, but with an inversion that a Hegelian could only regard as perverse. In 1826 he began his studies at the university of Erlangen. His older brothers were all distinguished scholars.

Feuerbach later finds further proofs concerning this human nature of God in Martin Luther’s statements (see Feuerbach 1967). His nephew, the neo-classical painter,Anselm Feuerbach, was the son of Ludwig’s older brother, alsocalled Anselm, himself a classical archaeologist and aesthetician“in the spirit of GottholdEphraim Lessing and Johann Joachim Winckelmann”.

If religion can exist without its god, alchemy can exist without its philosopher’s stone.

Likewise, he is known for drafting, under the outside pressure of Napoleon, the Bavarian Penal Code, which laid the groundwork for Bavarian law throughout the succeeding centuries. In this, he emphasises the progression of thought through the ages of religious and philosophical texts. Feuerbach took “Geist” and imposed it on religion in a way Hegel never did, claiming that religion—namely, Christianity—was a stage of history that humanity must go through in order to realize that religion is in fact a farce and that the true God lies within the individual. The Essence of Religion is a classic Freethought book from 140 years ago. Friedrich Feuerbach was born on 29 September 1806 in Munich.He was the youngest son of the distinguished jurist Paul Johann Anselm Ritter von Feuerbach (1775–1833) and uncle of painter Anselm Feuerbach (1829–1880).

Feuerbach maintains that philosophy and religion are highly-evolved forms of anthropology.
The Essence of Religion (Part 1) by: Ludwig Feuerbach. The timeliness—even the urgency—of its central question is plain from the first chapter to the last: Can religion be plausibly explained without the assumption that "God" denotes a being of a higher ontological rank than the mundane objects of our daily experience? Life. Van Harvey's claim that Feuerbach's Essence of Religion [1] presents an important advance over The Essence of Christianity [2] rings true to me in several ways. Please bear in mind when reading it that it is a product of its time. Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach was born in Bavaria in 1804, to a liberally minded Protestant lawyer and professor, the famous Anselm Feuerbach. Religion, thus understood, is an expression of human being’s alienation: "Religion is the disuniting of man from himself; he sets God before him as the antithesis of himself.


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