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Grab your stationery and stamps—someone's getting hitched! Drew Brees is a Super Bowl-Winning Quarterback. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. According to the Times-Picayune, the 38-year-old father of four took a moment in the locker room to speak with reporters about the overwhelming impact his grandfather had on him. Drew will be working with this team to showcase stories that he and team want to put the spotlight on. And last but certainly not least Brees spends the entire “uplifting, look at how great of a dad he is” video COMPLETELY IGNORING HIS DAUGHTER!!!!! If his new venture is up to the same standards as it is on the football field these films are going to be fantastic. ( Log Out /  @drewbrees is the fun dad pic.twitter.com/mzHvCaiaqN, — NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) November 8, 2018. "I was able to go to his ranch in New Baden, Texas, with my family and see him. "He was probably one of the most incredible people, incredible man, you would ever meet," Brees said. It is such a “Life of Dad” moment to see a guy transform from a football player to a dad. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and provide care, education and opportunities for children and families in need. Drew Brees Reflects on the Life of His Late Grandfather—"They Just Don't Make Them Like That Anymore.” Ray Atkins, a WWII vet from Texas, died at the age of 92 this week.

Off the field Drew continues to teach his children in other ways by the work he does at the Brees Dream Foundation. Hi-Top Top 5 – People who “Discovered” America Before that punk Columbus. ( Log Out /  Hey Drew you sir are part of the problem. Drew Brees currently has two children --- Baylen and Bowen Brees.

"When he turned 18 years old and graduated from high school, he took a train down to San Antonio with some other boys from his high school and enlisted in the Marine Corps," Brees said. The fact that he and his family lived in New Orleans proper, instead of the suburbs like many players did… And last but certainly not least Brees spends the entire “uplifting, look at how great of a dad he is” video COMPLETELY IGNORING HIS DAUGHTER!!!!!

"He was an incredible man," Brees concluded. Drew Brees was born on January 15, 1979. No Drew isn’t leaving the Saints, but he joined a super team rivaling any in the sports world has officially been assembled as he, NBA all-star guard Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs, retired NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Derrick Brooks, and retired NBA all-star Michael Finley have become partners in, Se Ep 3 Looking For Work During COVID and Cars, The Art Of Conversation – Episode 342 – Tony Bancroft, The Art Of Conversation – Episode 341 – Darren Kirby, Life of Dad Show Rewind - Joey Lawrence - Life of Dad, Soccer Great Tony Meola Wants A Day For Play, Lunch Break - Teaching Your Kids Life Skills - Life of Dad, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck Talk About Directing Captain Marvel, Stan Lee & More, Soccer Great Tony Meola Wants A Day For Play - Life of Dad, Pete Holmes talks Fatherhood, His New Book, Acting & More, Alastair Humphreys talks Fatherhood, Exploring The World & More, Geek Corner - A Superhero Turning 80, Video Game & Ghost Sneakers.
", Drew Brees Reflects on the Life of His Late Grandfather—"They Just Don't Make Them Like That Anymore.”.

He is a student of his craft and looks to get better each year. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and go to his website at drewbrees.com for more info on Drew Brees and his foundation.

While it was hard to talk about, I think, the war for a long time, he reached a point where he felt like there were so many lessons on it and it was a way to honor the guys he served with, too.". Another topic Drew and I discussed is about another team that he is working with in Hollywood. Change ), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), This Taiwanese Outfielder Made the Greatest Play in Baseball History, Hi-Top Top 10 Wildest “That Was Actually on TV?? WATCH: Southern Kids Talk About Their Grandparents, "What he endured over there, I heard a lot about that over the years from him," Brees recalled. "He was very proud of being a Marine. "They just don't make them like that anymore, honestly. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. "Thankfully, I had a chance to see him two weeks ago after our Thursday night game," Brees said Wednesday. Brees told of his grandfather's humble childhood in Brady, Texas, where he lived in a house with a dirt floor and without running water and electricity, and how he went on to join the Marines and serve in WWII. His foundation was founded in 2003 and is a reliable source of charitable funding globally. He was 92 years old and he lived an unbelievable life. Your donation will be in addition to this commitment. So when the New Orlean Saints won Super Bowl XLIV against the Indianapolis Colts we got to see Drew Brees cherish that victory with his son, Baylen. After watching this display of Brees Family athleticism I’m willing to bet a pretty penny that Lil’ Daughter Brees is probably the most talented athlete in the whole clan. Drew and Brittany Brees have personally committed $5 million to the State of Louisiana for relief efforts to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sadly the world will never know as Mr. Brees keeps forcing outdated sexist gender norms upon his children. In 2010, Sports Illustrated described Brees as "an athlete as adored and appreciated as any in an American city today". When Sports Illustrated selected him for the 2010 Sportsman of the Yearaward, it said the award was "[f]or not only leading the New Orleans Saints to the first Super Bowl title in the franchise's history, but also for helping lead the city of New Orleans' rebirth after the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina". Relief efforts are serving: Children Hospitals and healthcare workers Seniors Families Law Enforcement

Drew Brees the New Orleans Saints QB shared a video of himself playing catch with his “kids”: .


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