collateral damage meme
We have all been in your shoes. I had been clean for years when I suspected my spouse of cheating and the pain was so immediate and intense, I ran out the door at 4am to meet a former contact to buy pills. Also my H had an EA 17 years ago in grad school. As many of you who have experienced an affair know, there can be a bunch of collateral damage as a result of the betrayal. I refuse to think that I am at fault for ANYTHING, at least for now, and I am to be considered a saint, and flawless, if you will, until trust and love are restored. When I realized he didn’t have pills I could just take by mouth, I said “no never mind”, but he really tried to persuade me to try it, assuring me it was a much better high than just taking the pill. I think it was her introduction (without face to face) to start getting to know our children. Another bury your head and not face the fact that my son was lying. Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Thread: Collateral Damage Caused by Mythbusters, amazing tumblr story about the fastest manmade object ever. At that time I certainly thought Keith was my dream guy and we would one day get married. ! The husband is truly horrified over what he has done. We get the full force of every action from the beginning of the betrayal up to and including the moment it’s discovered. He sure put us in jeopardy. How can he be so clueless? Btw, here's an amazing tumblr story about the fastest manmade object ever. So she helped him cultivate an attitude that he was just a pay check to a lazy, ungrateful, pack of parasites. Sorry to hear about the loss of your brother and your job situation. An example that immediately comes to my mind is the family destruction created by my brother’s affair and subsequent marriage to his affair partner. I can totally relate to your last paragraph about the complete intolerance towards lying – by anyone! The movie from the 80s w/ Glenn Close and Michael Douglas. It made me sad. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I keep asking the same question in hopes that one day he’ll confront his demons. Every waking moment of my life seemed to entail some thoughts about Keith and our future together. It was my daughter who first found out. At one point I asked him about photos – did she have any of our children? I was thrown into an instant relapse, where I knew the one thing in the world that could make me feel better and I went for it. Really Funny Funny Cute we have all been there. But to be safe, here are a couple of things to keep in mind that might be helpful: 1) Realize that collateral damage is a very real danger for anyone dealing with infidelity. We are still together and happy and I still love him and he loves me. He has just realized the affect the incident has had upon his wife. and the his needs her needs love bank is now completely empty. If he utters one word that sounds like a complaint, I tell him the Complaint Department is closed until further notice. I wish my CH could even acknowledge what he did to the family. I had just fell unconscious, I think, when my husband suddenly woke and opened that door on his way to the restroom. I am forever changed as a person. even if it is fiction. That was my gift of collateral damage. Do not expect your wife to help in your recovery. Needless to say I was more than devastated. But the oldest is away at university and I doubt their relationship will ever be what it was. There is no telling what was in that syringe. A way of describing cultural information being shared. The OW was childless and even told him she “wasn’t into kids”. What an evil person. She may still be in the fog (called affair fog if you never heard of it) and it can be a very difficult period. My CH never conceded what he did to his own daughter. He said that since he was about to go away to college, it would be better to break up now since we probably would eventually anyways, and he really wanted to enjoy the rest of his summer as a free man. Amazingly with the Mythbusters and all their explosions, there wasn't too much private property damage. EG. American people, that don't share her views are "COLLATERAL DAMAGE" huh? Me his wife. Learn how your comment data is processed. No retaliation or anything like that. Best of luck. Maybe now I’m at home is a way to face the fears of the triggers. At the same time, another car was starting to move through the intersection. I feel nothing for this person other than sorry for her. And he told the OW all about our kids. Boy was I furious. Now our kids were involved. I feel bad for your son as he will be forced to suffer by having to transition to someone new. The needle touched my skin, but I pulled away in time and bolted from the house. I ran back home, and my husband was asking questions. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. Saved by FunnyFoto. I am a recovered addict of painkillers. But far and away that pales in comparison to the collateral damage done to our four children. The AP and her friend are about two minutes apart in distance by car. Erase all memories of the affair. There were bumps, and there was one character to hate. Collateral Damage - FunSubstance - Constant updates of the funniest, most awesome, & best entertaining stuff on the web! I kept my cool. (As a side note, Keith is now about 300 pounds without a stitch of hair on his head, divorced and lives with his parents.). And also, we dearly miss Grant. The husband walks in on the mother and angry teenage children. Is it their affair partner’s fault? What does 'poke' refer to in the expression 'pig in a poke'. I never did call to ask her if she was there but that is what my wife had instructed her to do if i ever called that “she just left” and i imaging try to text her that i was looking for her and get her butt home. But I held my head up and was kind and caring in the face of adversity. He had to leave. But my H could have been sued b/c she worked for him too. A typical example of collateral damage caused by an affair is the man or woman who gets cheated on, goes out to a bar to drown his/her sorrows, has one too many margaritas, and gets pulled over for drunk driving on the way home.


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