california demographics ethnicity
Asians make up 13% of the population, with the following breakdown: Chinese, 3.4%; Filipino, 3.2%; Vietnamese, 1.6%; Indian, 1.4%; Korean, 1.2%; Japanese, 0.7%; all other Asians, 2.5%. Pete Wilson, a Republican, championed the measure as part of his conservative bid for the presidency. In November 2020, a California with vastly different political preferences and demographics will consider repealing a 1996 law barring state and local governments from discriminating against or granting preferential treatment to people based on race, ethnicity, national origin or sex. Kali Fontanilla teaches English as a second language in Salinas, California and before that, tutored African American students. Need a reference? [ Back to Top ]   [ more articles ]   [ Homepage ], [ regional articles ]   [ find more places ]. This page contains links to key demographic data from the Dept of Finance, as well as, other official sources such as the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. And while some Asian Americans are admitted to elite universities in large numbers, affirmative action proponents say they too hit a “bamboo ceiling” that prevents them from landing executive-level positions. Race and Hispanic origin in Orange County as a percentage of the total population, expressed as percentage point difference from California. They argue that some programs are needed to help level a systemically racist playing field. How is the ethnic regional population changing in the state of California, and what are the reasons for these changes? This means they now make up only 40% of the population (non-Hispanic whites), down from 47% a decade ago. Non-Hispanic Asian: 133,049: 22.5%. There are some people who would argue that upwards of 7% of the population, or over 2 million people, are illegal aliens living in the state, many of which come from Mexico. In this census, when the whole immigrant population was counted, and sorted out, it found that over half of all immigrants were from Latin America, with 42% of all immigrants coming from Mexico, and with one third of them having come from Asia, with 25% coming from the Philippines and 13% coming from Vietnam. Supporters of Proposition 16 include U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris of California, the Democratic nominee for U.S. vice president, Black Lives Matter movement co-founders, professional sports teams and politically liberal groups of all types. The plaintiff, the Students for Fair Admissions group, is appealing.

What we see in California is that the growth rate for California has slowed down considerably for the first time since it became a state – the state’s population grew by only 10% in the last decade. Democrats still make up nearly half of registered voters, but the percentage of Republicans in the state has dropped from 36% to 24%. Assemblyman Evan Low, who is Chinese American, voted in June to put the issue before voters despite emails and phone calls running 37-to-1 against it.


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