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The fact that McGwire hit his 62nd and 70th home runs in Busch Stadium in 1998 has endowed this ballpark with transcendent historical significance. The lower level of seating that once moved to form the football section was between the foul poles and was closest to the field It also had several rows of padded green luxury seats in the first few rows that were added in 1995. In the last game ever played at Busch Stadium II, on October 19, 2005, the Houston Astros beat the Cardinals, 5-1, earning their first-ever trip to the World Series.

(See photo below.). His professionalism and leadership have made him one of the greatest players in the game. (August 26, 1987), #2 Model of Busch Stadium II, located in Busch Stadium III. Busch Stadium consisted of four main seating sections. 1 Busch Stadium (2) 2 Busch Stadium; 4 Busch Stadium (1) Dugout Box 138 Busch Stadium (3) Dugout Box 139 Busch Stadium; Diamond Box 141 Busch Stadium; Diamond Box 143 Busch Stadium; Lower Level; This level includes the Field Box, Left Field Porch, and Bleacher sections. (Sept. 2000, courtesy of John Clem) (Go up.). (August 17, 2011), #4 The west side of Busch Stadium, by the main ticket window. Seating Chart, … [Read More...]. Although the Cardinals have played their final game in Busch Stadium (a Game 6 loss to the Houston Astros in the National League Championship Series), the memories and history will remain. It was at one time the busiest rail yard in the country, enabling westward expansion. Parking at Busch Stadium. In 1966 the Cardinals moved into the NEW Busch Stadium, which was a vital part of the urban renewal of downtown St. Louis, shortly after the Gateway Arch was completed. This level includes the Cardinals Club, Diamond Box & Dugout Box sections.

Logos were compiled by the amazing SportsLogos.net. Their organization breeds success, as proven by Albert Pujols, a 13th-round draft pick out of Maple Woods (MO) Community College by way of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Join our linker program. All images are property the copyright holder and are displayed here for informational purposes only. All rights reserved. (August 17, 2011), #3 Bronze plaque showing how the old and new Busch Stadiums would overlap. Free beer at 10AM, how can you go wrong? Also, at least originally, the foul poles in both stadiums coincided with the edge of the upper (non-rotatable) portion of the first deck.

In 1988 the NFL Cardinals moved to Phoenix, Arizona -- in search of browner pastures? Waiting five years to share my Marlins Park experience is one of them. (The bullpen in right field was not completed until 1997, so the visiting team used the bullpen in foul territory.

Mark McGwire's 70th home run in 1998 just barely cleared the left field fence, landing underneath the seating section. With 2-1 and no outs, Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols blasted a three-run home run into the Cubs bullpen. Pujols’ average season from 2001-2005 was .332, 41-127, a ridiculous feat even in the steroid era. Even before the Cardinals won the 1964 World Series, it was decided that the old "Busch Stadium" (as Sportsman's Park had been called since Anheuser-Busch acquired the team in 1953) needed to be replaced. CINEMA: Parts of Fever Pitch (2005), starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon, were filmed in Busch Stadium, during the (real-life!) Finally, four rows of seats were added to the front of the lower decks (no longer "swivelable"), and the portions near the foul poles were rebuilt with the rows of seats angled toward the infield. (August 15, 2002), #5 Exterior panoramic view of the south side. All logos are the trademark & property of their owners and not Sports Reference LLC. On Sept. 15, 1986, Mike Laga became the first and only player to ever hit a ball out of Busch Stadium II. Home page >> Baseball home page >> Stadium lists >> Busch Stadium II Last updated: Busch Stadium Seats (Floor Mount) Price: $399,99 - $499.99 These are Red Floor Mount Stadium Seats that were taken out of Old Busch Stadium, St. Louis Missouri. For 1996, the distance to right center field remained what it had been, 375 feet.) The Rams played in Busch Stadium for the first two months, while construction on the new "TWA Dome" (later "Edward Jones Dome") was being completed. (Foul territory was originally quite ample as well, about 31,300 square feet.) The original grass field was replaced by Astroturf in 1970, and in 1977 the infield dirt was replaced by Astroturf except for around the bases. Seating Chart, … [Read More...], Ballpark Nerd Rank: 10         Total Zone Rating and initial framework for Wins above Replacement calculations provided by Sean Smith. Derek Jeter became the Yankees full-time shortstop in 1996.

The original outfield dimensions of Busch Stadium were quite deep, 414 to center field and 386 feet to the power alleys, with a total fair territory of about 116,400 square feet.

To our benefit, the holiday weekend drew numerous ticket holders to their summer getaways. Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction?

This level includes the Left Field, Infield, 1st Base, and Right Field Pavilion sections. There was more foul territory around home plate than is/was the case at most other stadiums with the "paired swivelable circular section lower deck" (PSCSLD) configuration, of which Busch was the third such instance. In both 1987 and 1988, Busch Stadium's capacity was raised by a few hundred. Union Station is one of the many landmarks in St. Louis. (August 17, 2011) #3 Bronze plaque showing how the old and new Busch Stadiums would overlap. Much of the play-by-play, game results, and transaction information both shown and used to create certain data sets was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by RetroSheet. The Gateway Arch symbolizes St. Louis’ role in the expansion of the United States. Today = new Date();

This page was last edited on 6 July 2018, at 19:25. It was a 1960’s cookie-cutter stadium entering its final season. Opened: 1966 Capacity: 35,067 Full-year historical Major League statistics provided by Pete Palmer and Gary Gillette of Hidden Game Sports. During the 1980s shortstop Ozzie Smith dazzled crowds with his amazing defensive plays and exhuberant acrobatics. The Nationals played their first three seasons in the District at RFK … [Read More...], Ballpark Nerd Rank: 29 document.write(document.lastModified); Have you been to this stadium? If you are driving, there are plenty of parking options around downtown and in the immediate vicinity of Busch Stadium… Home of St. Louis Cardinals, 1966 to present, (Also known as Civic Center Stadium 1966 and Busch Memorial Stadium 1966 to 1982), BUILT: 1966 (Busch Stadium II built in 2006).

That's why football and baseball capacities were essentially the same. Busch Stadium (II) was slightly elliptical in shape, not circular. Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes and one of the finest ballparks in Major League Baseball. Opened: 2017 Capacity: … [Read More...], Ballpark Nerd Rank: 24

(About that time, the Cardinals began including 1,500 standing-room-only in its capacity figures.) (August 17, 2011) #4 The west side of Busch Stadium… FIRST GAMES: Busch I: May 12, 1966, vs. Atlanta Braves (Cardinals 4, Braves 3, 12 innings). Busch Stadium On April 10, 2006, the Cardinals opened their new 46,000 seat retro-style downtown ballpark with a 6-4 win over the Milwaukee Brewers. Like most modern ballparks, the new Busch will accommodate fewer fans, but provide them with improved sight lines and a wider array of activities. There are few instances in my life where procrastination has paid off. Part of that was accomplished by putting an extra row of seats in certain parts of the lateral aisles in the upper deck. Just send me an e-mail message via the Contact page. Since MLB relocated and rebranded the Expos from Montreal in 2005, the Nationals have carved out a niche in the nation’s capital. In 2001 or so, a small balcony was built in the left- and right-field corners, overhanging the field by a few feet. What a way to end the Midwestern Ballpark Tour! The St. Louis Cardinals football team (which had moved from Chicago in 1960, sharing the previous Busch Stadium) played in Busch Stadium II from 1966 until 1987. Some of the traffic can be attributed to the Labor Day Holiday, but most of it had to do with the Cardinals’ opponent and chief rival: the Chicago Cubs. Hopefully he can save another memorable home run for my next visit to St. Louis. In 1995, St. Louis Cardinals team ownership began to lobby for a new ballpark in downtown St. Louis, but the team was unable to acquire funding for the project for several years. It was a 1960’s cookie-cutter stadium entering its final season.

Their efforts paid off in 1995, when the Los Angeles Rams moved to St. Louis. His arrival launched what the Yankee … [Read More...], April 17, 2009: Queens, New York Team owners sought a location near Madison, Illinois, adjacent to Gateway International Raceway, until the city of St. Louis draft… At the very top is the moon. This enabled Mike and me to enjoy the game from four different sections. Schedule and Promotions Round-trip tickets cost $8 for adults and $4 for children under 12 (children under 2 ride for free). Do you have a sports website? Mike and I purchased Standing Room Only tickets for the 1:15 game. This plan remained until Mike spoke to veteran Ballpark Tourists and friends Jay and Dan. (See the 1987 photo below.) This level includes the Field Box, Left Field Porch, and Bleacher sections. That put the baseball Cardinals in the same awkward position as the New York Mets after the Jets left Shea Stadium in 1984, or the Oakland Athletics after the Raiders relocated to Los Angeles in 1982. There were a few adjustments back and forth during the 1970s and 1980s, but the distance to the foul poles remained fixed at 330 feet. The artificial surface often raised the temperature on the field by ten degrees or more. With no prospect that Busch Stadium might become a multi-sport venue again, work began on transforming it into a baseball-only facility. #1 View from the top of the 630-foot tall Gateway Arch situated on the St. Louis waterfront. Are you a Stathead, too? It was the highlight of the 2005 Ballpark Tour, one of those “How awesome would it be if he hit a home run right here” moments. Ballpark 24 – Busch Stadium II. Also, I welcome submissions of original stadium photos that fans have taken, and will make sure they get properly credited. Many thanks to him. This reduced the capacity from about 56,000 to about 50,000. Use of this site indicates your agreement to the Terms of Use. https://bpv.baseball-reference.com/bpv/index.php?title=Busch_Stadium&oldid=1056136.


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