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For some reason I thought that was a good idea at the time. There are all these Saula sites dedicated to Simon and I arguing, in love, living happily ever after. SEACREST: It did get emotional for me, for sure. It was horrible. Winner I went from playing small venues in the Southeast to Southeast Asia. And you can go season upon season of that show where that is a tangible reality, that other shows haven’t been able to copy. Those who advanced passed the Group Rounds had to perform a solo in front of the judges. Lo, and Ryan, and the behind the scenes people.

I’ve never had the same job for eight years.

She was eliminated on March 10, 2016. And they keep us in such a bubble that you can’t really understand until one day, you roll the window down. DAUGHTRY: The night that it all ended for me was crazy. I had just had my kids, so it was nice to be home instead of touring all the time. Katy Perry flashes a smile in a quirky ensemble as she returns to American Idol judges panel six weeks after giving birth to baby Daisy. I can’t believe Chris Daughtry left last night. There was plenty of action on the show that year. These rounds consisted of numerous cuts while the contestants performed in solos and in groups. The following contestants were Season 15's Top 10: The Finalists; Back Row: La'Porsha Renae, MacKenzie Bourg, Tristan McIntosh, Trent Harmon, Olivia Rox, Gianna Isabella & Sonika Vaid; Front Row: Dalton Rapattoni, Avalon Young & Lee Jean.

Gianna Isabella was one of the two eliminated contestants, bringing the total down to 8 remaining contestants. The following contestants advanced on to the Top 14: Before the Top 14 performed for America's first vote of the season, the Judges hand-picked four contestants for a designated spot within the Top 10. I look at the president, who can’t stay in office more than eight years. I remember the first finale, where it was a big deal but on a much different budget than it became two years later. Kris [Allen] won and I was happy for him. It was if she had been a judge already. You were still there for almost two more years.” He’d say, “Oh, shut up.” But it’s true! Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18. People associated with the show admit that the time feels right for a series finale.

Host Ryan Seacrestreturned as did judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick, Jr. Big Machine Records CEO Scott Borchetta returned as the in-house mentor. And at the same time, I’ve watched the show and I’ve seen that people can win or not win and that can be it for them — the show can be sort of their high point forever.

MacKenzie Bourg was the eliminated contestant bringing the total down to 3 remaining contestants. Tristan McIntosh was the eliminated contestant bringing the total down to 5 remaining contestants. One of my background singers decided she wanted to audition, months after Kelly has won, and she asked me if I would go with her. SEACREST: You could tell the show was taking off and at a significant pace and level, and that’s when it became really fun to do.

Millions and millions of [fans] of Simon and Paula, that did these novels and full-on screenplays. "Not all of us can sing like Kelly Clarkson but all of our voices matter," the President said while encouraging folks to head over to to register. Big names like former contestant and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson were joined by some of the characters, like rejected contestant William Hung, who diehard fans remember from over the years. It was literally all unfolding at the time, and that’s what made it so exciting. SEACREST: I’ll tell you what I saw a lot of: As we were doing the show, it really defined a family program. "This show reached historic heights not only because Americans watched it, but because you participated in its success.". Everything that the judges and I say is spontaneous. Additional reporting by Eric Renner Brown; Dana Rose Falcone; C. Molly Smith; Mary Sollosi; Gillian Telling; Nina Terrero. I asked what the show was about, and I ended up speaking to one of the producers.

RELATED: Extended Q&As ||| Ruben Studdard ||| Ryan Seacrest ||| Harry Connick Jr. ||| Randy Jackson ||| Adam Lambert ||| Paula Abdul 1, 2. January 6, 2016 - April 7, 2016 The show ended after 15 seasons, juggernaut ratings (which fell off in recent years), thousands of aspiring superstars and way too many covers of Whitney Houston songs. After the Final Judgement, 24 contestants were chosen to move on to the Semifinals. She was eliminated on March 17, 2016. In TV, that's magic. I did, and people that I know did. See more ideas about American idol 2016, American idol, American.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. LAMBERT: Getting right down to the final three, I knew I had so many opportunities that were going to open up for me. Notable musician Kanye West made a surprise appearance at auditions in San Francisco as an auditioner where he performed "Gold Digger". I’m just like, “Holy s—, there’s Prince.” And I remember I held out my hand and was like, “It’s such an honor to meet you.” I just probably made sounds, actually. In a nutshell, that’s what it does for your career.

I really had nothing to lose. There really wasn’t any life away from Idol because we were always around it.

Folks just went crazy. The show's creator, Simon Fuller, is already plotting a comeback. "

Season 15 of American Idol, prominently known as American Idol: The Farewell Season, premiered January 6, 2016 on Fox and ended April 7, 2016 with Mississippi singer Trent Harmon declared the winner of the show. She was eliminated on March 24, 2016. UNDERWOOD: The moment that my name was called on the finale show … what an incredible moment! SCOTTY McCREARY, winner, season 10: Idol is a huge platform. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. People were so invested emotionally in it.

Kelly Clarkson appeared as a guest judge during this round. I knew what it felt like to have an annoying brother. These Alumni would mentor as well as perform with the contestant during their duet round. ABDUL: Many people named their dogs and cats Simon, Paula, and Randy.

The Mentors for the duet rounds of the Semifinals consisted of numerous Idol Alumni. It was a celeb-making machine for many of those connected to it, including Seacrest, who was made the solo host after the first season. This season is the first time pre-judging is shown live; pre-judging being where contestants audition before they audition in front of the official judges. That was kind of like my consolation prize, I guess.[pagebreak]. She had been such a fan and had seen every year, every episode. 'Idol' will certainly be coming back, for sure," he said. After the Top 51 performed in front of their first full audience, they met with the judges for their Final Judgement.

Audience members were thrilled with the surprise appearance of Simon Cowell, who joined his fellow original "Idol" judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul on stage to pay tribute to Seacrest and thank fans for their support over the years. Network It changed the Fox network's fortunes and spawned countless competitors and ripoffs around the world. Trent Harmon was declared the fifteenth winner of the show on April 7, 2016. The fact that such a huge superstar won it that first year and made such an immediate connection with the world made people want to tune in and see if it would happen again. The following cities held auditions for Season 15, dates of the auditions are also shown. There’s only a big handful of people now that really know what that’s like. So when it came time to go in front of Simon and Paula and Randy and Kara [DioGuardi], it was in the back of my head: “If this doesn’t work out, you’re screwed.”. They decided to give me a piece of paper that said I would move on to the next round. After the combination of solos and duets were performed within a group, the judges handpicked only seven out of the twelve to continue to the next round of competition. I felt that there were changes happening, and it didn’t feel like the same show. But I was in a jazz band and I thought we were too cool for stuff like that. It was a real exercise in poker face — how can you do poker face when the guy to the left of you is saying things that are absolutely horrible and you have Randy to the right holding sheets of paper over his face and his shoulders are going up and down laughing?

I felt terrible for those kids. Everybody looked out for each other. HARRY CONNICK JR., judge: You have to give it up for Kelly Clarkson.

The following contestants advanced on to the Top 6: During the Top 6, the contestants performed songs from the American Idol Songbook for a spot in the Top 5.


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