alexander siddig game of thrones

But the same info was told to Cersei as well in Season 2, I think, and it spoke a billion words about her personality.

I admit I cheered when Doran got stabbed just because the fan tears would be so delicious. IMHO I believe that the Dorne plot was done in by the fact that they got to film in the Alcázar. Firannion: . Because the first “actress” was just a stand-in that was hired for season 1, which got a few lines in season 2.

So there is an enormous amount of spin going on. Alas, if you can’t bear a poster putting down Sansa, why do you yourself stoop to showing antagonism towards Jon? By Ebony Bowden. What part of the body can be stabbed like Arya and not die? Wow, he’s really opinionated and I like it! Even veteran actors find advantage in being on the show. Hmm no I don’t think so. They are the showrunners. I bet you wouldn’t recognise any of them without help. They, much like Hayden Christiansen in the atrocity that is the Star Wars prequels, are not to blame either, rather the writer and the director. But I am happy that at least Doran Martell is a logical and consistent character (he’s a leader who simply wants peace – to keep his country and people safe), unlike the book version (real nice “master plan” sending your idiot son completely unprepared while not informing your daughter and heir and letting her think she was being passed over for your idiot son to the point where she takes things into her own hands). I don’t even recall that much nudity. It seems like a small detail, but these small details build complex characters. That’s what we were asking during the break between seasons. I thought Alexander did a great job and would have continued if they wanted to expand the role. Well, we’ll see where they’ll take her. I doubt we will hear how or why or even if anything changed because of the criticisms. Would that have been the case if they weren’t constantly being accused of being an “anti-feminist” show? Jon and his army drew him out and Wun Wun broke the gate. (This was all a surprise to me, because I never had problems with Monica). Here is google search for “david benioff drunk hand”:

I wouldn’t even call it her first kill. Was it necessary to send Jaime to Dorne? When the Jon/Sansa reunion took place we were all very happy for them both, on board with the siblings working together and kicking butt when the time came. They would have done very well in ending the Dorne storyline with Oberyn. You may love it or hate it, but calm down. Is that the result of the critism they got for that storyline, or is it a result of them not wanting to pull a Martin and spend an excessive amount of time on secondary characters? Sure, you can have that one. Did we ever see Sansa successfully winning over a Northern House to her side, acting as a political leader? Yes, we all perceive things differently. Right after, she holds up the letter to read it but no stamp is on the letter…it’s disappeared! As far as women: I can go on a tirade on what GRRM does to his female characters in the last two novels, starting with his character assassination of Cersei. Dave was also partially responsible for the abomination that was X Men Origins: Wolverine. It’s only what anybody in that situation would have done! So, I think we can flush that absurd claim you made that “For majority S6 and S4 were the best.” right down the toilet and never speak of it again! Some times, people blinded with revenge, will not really think of how someone else feels… Ned or robb would not approve of aryas path to vengeance, but she is blinded by vengeance, so she will do whatever it takes to get it.

So while Jon charging at him and punching him was both emotionally understandable and physically demanding, it did not precipitate or even cement Bolton’s defeat.

They’ve got to streamline GRRM’s work of epic – and growing – proportions. The fandom went far, far to crazy over a >10 minutes, 4 chapters, storyline. I really don’t know where the Dorne storyline can go in the show. Not at all was that too harsh. What is notable for me is that, in the show, Cersei is on the throne, Dany and Yara are on the armada, Olenna and Ellaria are in an alliance, Arya is Stark revenge in the Riverlands, and Mormont is kingmaker in the North. RosanaZugey: This was interesting ’cause I had wondered about actors and schedules: ” Anyway, it was one of those things.


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