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As a result, the US Army went back to the original Scorpion pattern, and did the same thing Crye did before: change it just enough to prevent legal repercussions. The 3-color Desert uniform was supplied from US military since they were working together there at the time.

But while CADPAT or MARPAT might be digitally designed, so are Vegetato, Multicam etc. French Foreign Legion: 1940 to the Present. A design which should work reasonably well in grasslands, rural terrains, grassy woodlands and woodlands. Arctic variant of Vegetato Camouflage. The colors incorporated into this pattern are black, stone grey, dark tan, and sand. Ground radar and hyper-spectral technology like infrared are forcing modern armies to rethink camouflage again.

Camouflage David Clode, render Glavis Loh. BondCam MultiOps 2 M5 S. A 75cm x 75cm portion of a 100cm x 150cm design. Kojinsha Publications; Tokyo Japan.

Yan, Guey-Lin (2008). A variant of the standard M1942 reversible spot pattern camouflage was also printed on water-repellent fabric and constructed as a poncho/shelter half.

A selection of what I think are some of my best camouflage designs. As with its predecessor, the urban MOUT pattern (sometimes nicknamed "Urban-T," "T-Block," or "T-MOUT") was never adopted.
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For more information on all things camo, check out Hardy Blechman’s book Disruptive Pattern Material, it has more information than you’d ever want to know.

Grassland and grassy woodland camouflage design by David Clode.

Arms and Armour Press; London, UK. Locally known as "Baju Celoreng Harimau Belang". Best woodland camouflage and best forest camouflage. Green, Michael (1990).

Stackpole Books; Harrisburg PA, USA. You will still find it in use in countries like Pakistan or Zimbabwe (which inherited it from Rhodesia). Later onwards Warsaw Pact countries used the vertical lines on solid colour, creating visual noise and being very effective against night vision devices.

Developed by Hyde Definition in UK; The PenCott pattern, combines grass and pale foliage tones with several earth colours and a grey that matches both rock and weathered wood. First seen at the AFP Founding Day Parade 2009. Blechman, Hardy and Newman, Alex (2004). BondCam Pasture Beige M2. First Soviet camouflage, coloration varies.

The wide availability of low budget drones is not making this any easier.

These were actually printed on shelter halves and provided basic camouflage when worn as a poncho.

Designed and produced locally by Fabricato-Tejicondor textile company. Camouflage design and photo: David Clode. Briefly used by Estonian troops with the NATO Stabilization Force ", Woodland pattern in active service use, slowly being replaced by M05. Katz, Samuel M. (1993). Used extensively by the Marines from 1942 to 1945. This 4-color desert digital camouflage is variant pattern of Spectrum64K series.

Also known as "Turtle Shell camo".

green, reddish brown, and black on purple background.

Black stripes on a 4-color woodland background which also known as "Zebra Camo". Although, Early US Army Special Forces advisors deployed to Southeast Asia were outfitted rather inadequately for serving in the extremely warm and wet tropical climate there.

Also known as "Dual-Tex". In 1992, KM decided to get US Woodland pattern back because they dissatisfied how DPM pattern working in jungle terrain.
A fictional pattern which was featured in the UK film. Desert Grab & Gear: The Equipment of America's Desert Warriors. Camouflage by David Clode. The production is in China. Black stripes on a 4-color woodland background which also known as "Zebra Camo", Memembers of Royal Cambodian Armed Forces during a subject-matter training at US military bases. The pattern is similar to Philippine's Army 2000 pattern. This is blue variant of Australian Multicam Pattern (AMP). The development of camouflage patterns specifically for military application by American forces can be traced to the First World War. Even though the Splittertarn pattern is closely associated with WW2, it is still widely in use.


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