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[viii]. If in doubt, begin with a lower dose with the possibility of a booster. Take notes if asked. The guided portion of the day of the session should come to an end six to eight hours after taking a shorter-acting substance such as psilocybin or eight to ten hours after taking LSD or mescaline. A guide helps others experience the full positive range of an entheogen and provides support when experiences are challenging. Shallow breathing or panting suggests resistance, while deep slower breathing usually occurs when a barrier is being dissolved. Give yourself time to integrate your experience first. For these goals, additional preparation is recommended, and it would be best to work with a guide who has psychological training. Without taking any substances, a guide may recall vivid memories or have sensations of being tuned back into expanded states of consciousness. Note: This manual in its entirety will be posted on the web at and at various other sites. This web page links to all current WHO norms and standards for pharmaceuticals guidelines which are grouped into (1) development, (2) production, (3) distribution, (4) inspection, (5) quality control, (6) regulatory standards and (7) specific texts for prequalification of medicines. In deeper states of consciousness, the voyager may not even hear the music. This can be given an hour or more into the session without any problems. For most people, the music seems to come from inside one’s own body and is felt, not just as sound, but also may be perceived as color, shape, texture, odor or taste. Personal: If you are the voyager’s lover or spouse, think carefully before guiding. SPIRITUALITY / ENTHEOGENS "The publication of The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide could not be more timely; it coincides with a major renaissance of interest in psychedelic research worldwide.

Others who take a psychedelic will have had their own, and perhaps similar experiences—unique according to their interests, capacities and frame of mind.

Keep in mind that there are an infinite number of ways to find “God” as well as innumerable ways to describe that discovery. However, if you advance the film so that an unexposed frame is available, the next captured image will be fresh, and can be as meaningful in its own way as was the first. It is made up of the collective experience of a number of guides from different cultures. o Electronic devices (including phones) are silenced or turned off.

The following descriptions represent stages which are reported following many voyages; however, a spectrum of variations can and do occur. Let go of each experience, feeling or visual event as it occurs. Posted : 12/3/2012 5:18:01 PM Stiletto Stoner. o Prepared to wait at least six months before another entheogenic session. (See “Dose” in the manual for information on related psychedelics.

It is like taking a photograph on top of another photograph on the same frame of film. People who begin with these intentions often become stuck in hellish parts of their own psyches and can damage themselves.

In this manual, the sitter is the person, often, but not necessarily, a close friend, who cares for the voyager after a session and as well as during the initial re-entry period.
o Prepared to listen, and will not suggest, interrupt, or interpret. When in doubt, make the space even simpler. Huxley also described vibrant visions and ancient archetypal constellations that he felt had been present but unnoticed in his mind. The fact that a guide makes a significant difference in the quality of the experience underscore the difference between psychedelics and most other psychoactives.

Observe what is going on inside your mind and body, but do not try to control the flow of images and sensations.

If the voyager wishes to say a prayer, express gratitude or invoke any spiritual tradition, you might set up an altar or just sit in silence together. Point of view: You may hope the person you’re guiding will agree with you about certain issues, especially spiritual ones. 370-375.

After either commenting or sitting in silence, the voyager may put that photo down and ask for another one. The Guild is an informal, largely invisible fellowship, international in scope.

Enjoy these visual gifts from your own mind. o Am prepared to assist Voyager in getting to and going to the bathroom. Long periods of silence indicate that your friend is still moving in and out of the experience and may be having significant insights.

During the voyager’s re-entry evening, you should be non-judgmental, gentle, open to listening and comfortable with silence.  US$16.95, US$12.30

The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide is written with a wry humor that brings Fadiman's sincere, soulful intentionality immediately to the reader, integrating and transforming from the moment one opens this important, mature, and absolutely essential book. Situation: Post-experience integration. D. and published by Inner Traditions Press (2011). Affirm that all experiences are welcome.

 US$16.99, US$13.86 * Huston Smith, author of The World's Religion * "This is some of the most thoughtful, wise, heartfelt, and essential instruction for the use of sacred medicine." This sensation frequently comes when you are about to change levels, like shifting into a higher gear.  US$13.00, US$13.82 As your realizations become integrated into your own life, you will feel less need to describe your journey to others. Do not continue to press for an entheogenic session. If you wish to call people, limit those calls to people who know what you’ve been doing and, ideally, have had psychedelic experience. Another way to deepen the connections made during the session is to invite the voyager to gaze into a full sized hand-held mirror. Knowing you are there if needed seems to be almost as valuable as your actually doing or saying anything in particular. Some people, for example, prematurely re-evaluate their primary relationships. Guidelines for Voyagers and Guides by James Fadiman, Ph.D. Why this manual was created In a study of nearly a hundred people who took a psychedelic, guided as outlined in this manual, seventy-eight percent reported, “It was the greatest experience of my life.” Allow your mind to take its natural course; relax and observe as your thoughts unfold without any effort. o Am qualified and experienced enough to serve as a Guide, or will be supervised (with Voyager’s acknowledgment) by a qualified Mentor.
(2 volumes) Winkleman, Michael, and Roberts, Thomas B., Prager, Westport, Connecticut, 2007, v. 2, p. 230.

As you let go, the discomfort will pass. Social: Be wary of your own judgments about the voyager’s personal relationships. Let go of each experience, feeling or visual event as it occurs. In other cases you may need to help an individual cope with a physical symptom. However, in addition to those qualities, it is valuable to have basic knowledge in certain areas: the range of possible effects, the basic principles of various spiritual traditions and a sense of how and when to share useful ideas and concepts with the voyager. You may hope to have what is called a “unity experience” in which there is no separation between your identity and all else.


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