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Il s'est marié à l'âge de 36 ans. "I've gotten to be a terrible pessimist about things.

Un problème s'est produit lors du chargement de ce menu pour le moment. Du Bois on white supremacy and its assertion of the natural inferiority of colored races. "Este tipo lo ha resuelto todo.

Después de haber observado varios juicios de disgenesia en el tribunal, Stoddard declaró que la legislación sobre eugenesia se estaba "administrando con estricto respeto a sus disposiciones y que, en todo caso, las sentencias eran casi demasiado conservadoras" y que la ley "eliminaba las peores tensiones en la estirpe germánica de una manera científica y verdaderamente humanitaria ". [21], In 1929, Stoddard debated African American historian W.E.B. After the end of the war, Stoddard's writing faded from popularity. Stoddard se opuso al mestizaje y dijo que "los cruces con el negro son uniformemente fatales".

Consideraba que la mayoría de los judíos eran racialmente "asiáticos" y abogó por restringir la inmigración judía porque los consideraba una amenaza para la pureza racial nórdica en Estados Unidos.

Like Madison Grant (see The Passing of the Great Race), Stoddard divided the white race into three main divisions: Nordic, Alpine, and Mediterranean. Excessive Violence


L'Aminot, Tanguy, « Lothrop Stoddard : Sous-hommes en octobre ».

Il a été nommé au conseil d'administration de l'American Birth Control League, prédécesseur de la Planned Parenthoodde Margaret Sanger. He was a true white supremacist who focused his energy on the dangers posed by “colored” people to “white civilization.” "- Y hemos producido todas las cosas que van a hacer la civilización - oh, ciencia y arte, y todo eso.

[3], Stoddard authored many books, most of them related to race and civilization. "We have", Du Bois told him and the mixed audience. You may find it for free on the web. “Las Indias Occidentales Danesas: Claves para el Caribe”.

Después del final de la guerra, los escritos de Stoddard perdieron popularidad. Accurate ones — not all of which were original to Stoddard or predicated on white supremacy — include Japan's rise as a major power; a war between Japan and the USA; a second war in Europe; the overthrowing of European colonial empires in Africa and Asia; the mass migration of non-white peoples to white countries; and the rise of Islam as a threat to the West because of Muslim religious fanaticism (Stoddard was an Islamic scholar and published the book, The New World of Islam in 1921.)[4][5]. Stoddard authored over two dozen books, most related to race and civilization, focusing primarily on the dangers posed by "colored" peoples to "white" civilization. Stoddard opposed miscegenation, and said that "crossings with the negro are uniformly fatal".

What was that word we — ", "Well these books are all scientific," insisted Tom, glancing at her impatiently. Désolé, un problème s'est produit lors de l'enregistrement de vos préférences en matière de cookies. He was appointed to the Board of Directors of the American Birth Control League, a forerunner to Planned Parenthood by Margaret Sanger.

"Wahhabism, China, Mass Immigration: Lothrop Stoddard Rediscovered,", McDaniel, George.


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