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Encontremos posibles respuestas a esta pista. Explore the Possibilities: Study in Singapore! Pato is the Spanish word for 'duck', and earlier versions of this game used a duck instead of a ball inside a basket. Home > List > Pato. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

The modern version of Pato is played with two teams of four members each.

Football –or soccer, as it’s known in some parts- may be Argentina’s most popular sport but pato is the country’s official national sport. In order to do that, players must pick up the pato –ball- from the ground and pass it to his teammates while trying to get close enough to the basket to score. Since Pato is a national game, there are Pato clubs and tournaments in Argentina. Since 1953, it has been the official national sport. ©1997-2020 Topend Sports Network Pato – The National Sport of Argentina Horse Cultures of the World. In addition to the world famous football game, there is a less known game called “Pato” which has been accorded the status of national game of Argentina. E.g. Initially, a live duck was sewn into a leather bag so that the head protruded outward, forming a ball. The game was usually played between two neighboring ranches, and the team that first reached its ranch was declared the winner. Argentina made its presence felt in international football matches invariably, with its highly ranked players. Privacy - Terms of use, December 1st,  2013 marked the 100th anniversary of the Buenos Aires underground. Well not every sport, as there is a list of unusual sports, extinct sports and newly created sports. A chronicle written in 1610 describes a game played on horseback in which two teams fight for the possession of a hide sack with handles with a live duck inside. She currently lives in Dallas, USA with her British husband, but they move a lot. This sport played on horseback is a mix of polo and basketball. Variedad de pato… ISRO PSLV C 3 | Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.

Since 1953, it has been the official national sport. A more sophisticated, decent and less harmful version of the game was officially permitted to be played in Argentina and was made the national game of the country in 1953. Why duck? Mummies | DNA Analysis Shows as Half-brothers | University of Manchester, Frozen Waterfalls on Chinese Tianmen Mountain | Best Tourist Attraction, Zealandia Eighth Continent : Scientific Report, Solar Paint offers endless energy from water vapor | RMIT University Report, National Animals of various in the world | Countries National Animals, Top 10 Expensive animals in the world | World Costliest Animals, World Costliest Birds | World Top 10 most Expensive Birds, Pilotless Sky Taxi | Volocopter | First in Dubai, Mobile Phone Affects Brain Function | Cellphone Radiation Effects, 10 Inventions That Change the World | Top 10 Inventions, Triangulam Galaxy | Milky way galaxy | Andromeda, World best airports 2017 Awards | Skytrax World best Airport Awards, Mummies | How to make mummy | Mummification | Types of mummies, National Birds | Worlds All Countries Birds, World Countries Capitals | Capital Cities in the World, India Planted 66 million Trees 12 hours break World Record | G20 Summit Paris Agreement, SS Antilla | Antilla Cargo Ship | Antilla Shipwreck | Aruba Snorkelings, WORLD BEST COUNTRIES RANKING POWER CATEGORY | TOP 80 BEST COUNTRIES, World Best Countries Ranking Quality Life Category | TOP 80 BEST COUNTRIES, World Best Countries Ranking Movers Category | Top 80 Best Countries, World Best Countries Ranking Open Business Category | Top 80 Best Countries, World Best Countries Ranking Heritage Category |Top 80 Best Countries, World Best Countries Ranking Entrepreneurship | World Top 80 Countries.
The goal of the game is to have one team run all the way to their goal with the ball. Argentina.


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